VKTM Hang – High CPU Usage

Today a database (RHEL 6, single instance, suddently started to “explode” CPU on VKTM process (100% CPU).
After some minutes lost (completely) in support.oracle.com (there was just a few notes about binary permissions on Solaris), I decided to make a McGayver by myself. 🙂

By Oracle words: “VKTM acts as a time publisher for an Oracle instance. VKTM publishes two sets of time: a wall clock time using a seconds interval and a higher resolution time (which is not wall clock time) for interval measurements. The VKTM timer service centralizes time tracking and offloads multiple timer calls from other clients.

This way, my solution:

SQL> alter system set "_high_priority_processes"='LMS*' scope=spfile;
System altered.

And restart the database, of course.
So, VKTM is no more a “priority” process. The problem was solved. 🙂

Another possibility is to disable VKTM (undocumented parameter “_disable_vktm” – boolean). But I wanted to keep it running, changing less as possible of database configuration, just reducing priority.

Master Note: Troubleshooting Oracle Background Processes (Doc ID 1509616.1)
Great post about hidden parameters: http://oracleinaction.com/undocumented-params-11g/
Oficial one: http://www.orafaq.com/parms/index.htm


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