Setting up a weblogic Result cache on Oracle Service Bus

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In the current days , even with the new ideals about agile metods and various attempts to put together infraestructure and development (DevOps) we still have so much codes that had the development with a great distance of the machines and S.O.

In this scenario, a lot of exceptions are found in the application logs, but the majority can’t be considerated the problem in fact.

This Post is related to an exception that occurs when a BusinessService in an Oracle Service Bus flux was configured to use a Result cache service, instead to call an external service,
why do we have an exception when calling the result cache? -Because the result cache was not configured on the Weblogic server. An unexpected exception was thrown while using the result cache:

Let’s configure weblogic result cache (Coherence)!

For this lab, will used two machines and two managed servers on a cluster.

First, let’s create two coherence servers, one for each machine:


For each coherence server we must set one lib and one module in the classpath, this box is found in “Start Server” page on the Coherence Server.


In the same page, we need to configure the box “Arguments:” to define coherence hosts and ports.

Attention to fill properly ‘localhost’: For the coherence server1 the localhost value is machine01, to the coherence server2 the value for localhost is machine2.


After settting up the two coherence server, let’s create a coherence cluster, the target must to be the managed servers or Weblogic server Cluster:


After setting up coherence cluster, set the new cluster on each coherence Server.



The last step is to configure coherece Server parameter on each managed server. In Box “Arguments”, which is on page “Start server” on each managed server.

Again, attention to fill properly ‘localhost’: For the Managed server1 the localhost value is machine01, to the Managed server2 the localhost value is machine2.


To validate the settings , start the coherence servers, and wait to RUNNING status. Celebrate with a good wine!




  1. Emmanuel


    I configured two unix machine: machine1 and machine2

    machine1 with AdminServer, cluster1{ms1 and ms2}*
    machine 2 with cluster2 {ms3 and ms4}*
    *ms means managed server

    I have a coherence_cluster with coherece_server1 and coherence_server2
    coherence_cluster points to cluster1 and cluster2 of managed servers
    coherence_cluster has {cs1 and cs2}**
    **cs means coherence server

    the machine 1 has IP
    the machine 2 has IP

    When I deploy any application I get the error: is not a local address, it happens when I start the cs2, but If i start only cs1, It works fine.

    Can you help me?

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