ERROR OGG-03533: Conversion from character set {???} of source column {???}


If you need to replicate data using Goldengate, between different databases types, you may get the following error.

” ERROR OGG-03533: Conversion from character set {???} of source column {???} to character set {???} of target column {???} failed because the source column contains a character ‘{?}’ at offset {?}  that is not available in the target character set. “

To replace charset not accepted on the target, try using the replication parameter: REPLACEBADCHAR.

In my case, I set up a data replication between MS-SQLServer and ORACLE, this bases uses charset windows-1252 and US-ASCII respectively.

” ERROR OGG-03533 Conversion from character set windows-1252 of source column CATEGORY to character set US-ASCII of target column CATEGORY failed because the source column contains a character ‘d3’ at offset 2 that is not available in the target character set. “

I am using the following parameter in replicat:
Replication works and no data loss.

See you!

ERROR OGG-05290 The Oracle GoldenGate CDC cleanup job is not enabled for database Msql_DB


When you try to start the Goldengate Extraction Process in MSQL server, and you receive the following error.

” ERROR OGG-05290 The Oracle GoldenGate CDC cleanup job is not enabled for database Msql_DB Create the Oracle GoldenGate CDC cleanup job prior to starting the capture process. “

   To create cleanUP job for Goldengate SQL Server, use the .bat script in the GOLDENGATE home directory.

Comand Sintax

ogg_cdc_cleanup_setup.bat createJob [goldengate user] [goldengate password] [database name] [database host] [instance]


ogg_cdc_cleanup_setup.bat createJob GGATE welcome1 Msql_DB dbo


In some cases, it may return an error, stating that the process already exists.

” Msg 50000, Level 16, State 1, Server msql-db01, Line 34 The specified @name (‘OracleGGCleanup_Msql_DB_Job’) already exists. “

In this case, you may drop and recreate the Job. just change “createJob” for “dropJob”

The following is the success message of job creation

” INFO OGG-05281 Current OGG cleanup Job Settings – Job Name: OracleGGCleanup_Msql_DB_Job, JobSchedRec: , JobSchedFreq: , DatabaseName: Msql_DB, Tranlogoption managecdccleanup: 1, threshold: 500, retention: 4.320. “

Hope this helps!

OGG-01411 – Cannot convert input file ./dirdat/xx with format RELEASE 9.0/9.5 to output file ./dirdat/zz


If you search solutions to this Error, you will perceived only one documented root cause:


OGG-01411  Cannot convert input file ./dirdat/xx000549 with format RELEASE 9.0/9.5 to output file ./dirdat/zz000034 with format RELEASE 12.1.


“The output trail of the data pump has a different format (version) than the input trail of the data pump”

If you are using GG 12.1 version, and all trails (rmttrail and exttrail) are correctly set with “format release”, you fell into a bug.

Oracle recommend to do upgrade to GG 12.2.

To work around this issue and start process, you need write a new trail, perform etrollover and reposition pump process.

On the Target System, process works fine, but not receive new trails, because pump process are abended.

GGSCI ( 001> info rep01

REPLICAT rep01 Last Started 2017-03-20 12:08 Status RUNNING
Checkpoint Lag 00:00:00 (updated 00:00:09 ago)
Process ID 13563
Log Read Checkpoint File ./dirdat/zz000034
2017-03-22 09:53:31.004144 RBA 30683971

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GOLDENGATE process show RUNNING status, when not RUNNING.

This might occur in case of crash on host or database node where goldengate is running.

Goldengate maintains information about the process status in the file system, when the server crashes the file that has PID data is not released, and the process status in GGSCI shows erroneous information.

In GGSCI, process status it’s OK:

GGSCI ( 7> info mgr

Manager is running (IP port, Process ID 42064).

If you try to stop process, you will not be able to:

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Teradata ODBC for Unix OS

To connection between unix machine with teradata environment is needed to install ODBC Driver and some others components (dependencies). All Items can be found in Teradata Downloads site:

Teradata OBDC Driver has 3 dependecies:

1. Shared common components for Internationalization (TDICU)
2. Teradata GSS client package (TeraGSS)
3. Teradata Tools and Utilities Base (TTU)

After download all items, run as root: rpm -ivh “component_name” –nodeps

Eg: rpm -ivh teragss1510- --nodeps

Use “–nodeps” only to not need to install in order

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Error OGG-00354 Invalid BEFORE column:(column_name)

When we use extraction process with certain macro filters, and send the trails to a goldengate with JAVA adapter, the java extract process fails with the following error: OGG-00354 Invalid BEFORE column:(column_name).


exttrail ./dirdat/e1, FORMAT RELEASE 11.1
include ./dirmac/filter.mac
TABLE OWNER01.TABLE01, #filter01();


rmttrail ./dirdat/j1 , format release 11.1



In some cases, this issue can be resolved just removing the clause “GETUPDATEBEFORES”, as reported in the Oracle note (Doc ID 2151605.1). But in some environments this procedure not resolve, because it is an undocumented bug in goldengate JAVA 11.1, which is caused by the use of format release 11.1.
This same process has been testing in goldengate 12.1, with format release 12.1, and the problem not occurs.

The solution is the upgrade!  \o/

GoldenGate: Replicate data from SQLServer to TERADATA – Part 2

This steps should still be performed in SQLserver Host:

The pump process configuration is very simple, its only function is to transport the trail files to destination.

ADD extract P_MSQL, exttrailsource ./dirdat/tr

C:\goldengate> edit param P_MSQL

extract P_MSQL
SOURCEDB db0sql1, USERID ggate, PASSWORD ??????
rmthost, mgrport 8809
rmttrail ./dirdat/td


Still in the SQLserver Host, is need to create a definition file, wich will be used in gg-teradata.
First, create a “tables.def” file that should contain a dblogin and tables that will be replicated.

defsfile tables_sqlserver.sql purge 
SOURCEDB db0sql1, 
USERID ggate, PASSWORD ?????? 

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GoldenGate: Replicate data from SQLServer to TERADATA – Part 1

Since we are arriving at the end of the year, I have taken the mission to replicate data between SQL server and TERADATA. The worst part in this task, is to install and configure a Goldengante in a Windows environment.

Believe, it is not possible to do a Unix installation of goldengate to collect data from SQLserver, goldengate binary needs to be installed on Windows SQLserver host.

After installing the GG binaries, it is good practice to add the MGR as a Windows service:

C:\goldengate> install addevents addservice manualstart

Oracle GoldenGate messages installed successfully.
Service 'GGSMGR' created.

Install program terminated normally.

In order for GG to access the sql database, you need to create a data source (ODBC), and configure a new system DSN (here is db0sql1), and select SQL Server as the database driver.

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