Changing ACFS mount point

I do checked there’s no good way to change ACFS mounting point on asmca assistant, so I decided to document how I quickly change ACFS mount point:

    1. MAKE BACKUP ( in my case, there are no data loss );
    2. Do bellow:
root@mymachine:/oracle/product >/grid/product/ stop filesystem -d /dev/asm/ggatebin-68

root@mymachine:/ >/usr/sbin/acfsutil registry -d /dev/asm/ggatebin-68
acfsutil registry: successfully removed ACFS volume /dev/asm/ggatebin-68 from Oracle Registry

root@mymachine:/ >/usr/sbin/acfsutil registry -a /dev/asm/ggatebin-68 /oracle/product/goldengate12c/
acfsutil registry: mount point /oracle/product/goldengate12c successfully added to Oracle Registry

root@mymachine:/oracle/product >chown -R oracle.oinstall goldengate12c
root@mymachine:/oracle/product >chmod 755 goldengate12c


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