1º GrepOra Meeting!

Hi all!
Last Monday we had the first GrepOra formal meeting (ok, it was a barbecue) to talk about the blog. As you know, we are friends from other situations, so it was pretty hard to focus, specially with some beer and wine…

Anyway, things were discussed include:
– Implement a ‘Posting Agenda‘ to organize and distribute the posts. It’s already done, take a look.
– Implement a ‘Event Schedule‘ about participations in meeting of community, presentations or other events we judge interessant. It’s a good site to place the link about this king osf stuffs. Its already done too, here.
– Review blog layout. Any suggestion? leave a comment.
– Review (or create) an oficial logo. It’s quite ugly by about 1 year…
– It was spoken some stuffs about events participation, but I’m not sure what…

Had we discussed anything more?

And we registered this momment! Here we go:


Thanks guys!


  1. I think we should create a profile in Social Media websites, this help’s to promote and get more followers, resulting in more visitors and talking about our blog.
    I suggest at least a Linkedin profile or even facebook page, where we could promote our post’s every day..

    1. Nice Cassiano! I agree with you… But I thing is better to maintain just a LinkedIn page, keeping it much more professional… Besides that, I don’t even have a facebook, if you remmember… 😛

      Lets’ evaluate it with the other members… This subjects could be a reason (excuse) to another babecue (meeting)… 😀

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