Weblogic JRF files in /tmp

In weblogic 11G, there are several JFR files in /tmp directory:

root@app1wsora3 tmp]# pwd; find . -name *.jfr |xargs ls -tlhr
-rw——- 1 oracle oinstall 0 Aug 11 18:41 ./2016_06_02_13_50_22_4317/2016_08_11_18_41_43_4317.jfr
-rw——- 1 oracle oinstall 37M Aug 11 18:41 ./2016_06_02_13_50_22_4317/2016_08_01_11_22_51_4317.jfr
-rw——- 1 oracle oinstall 14M Aug 16 09:25 ./2016_06_02_13_50_15_4341/2016_08_16_03_24_12_4341.jfr
-rw——- 1 oracle oinstall 0 Aug 16 12:02 ./2016_06_02_13_50_15_4341/2016_08_16_12_02_02_4341.jfr
-rw——- 1 oracle oinstall 14M Aug 16 12:02 ./2016_06_02_13_50_15_4341/2016_08_16_09_25_39_4341.jfr
-rw——- 1 oracle oinstall 0 Aug 16 12:43 ./2016_06_02_13_50_24_4344/2016_08_16_12_43_28_4344.jfr
-rw——- 1 oracle oinstall 150M Aug 16 12:43 ./2016_06_02_13_50_24_4344/2016_08_16_12_17_36_4344.jfr

These files are from DMS (Dynamic Monitoring Service) and they are created when application server is running.

By default, these files are generated in this directory and is not possible to turn it off. As a workaround, you can redirect where these files will be generated by the parameter “-XX:FlightRecorderOptions=repository”.
For example: -XX:FlightRecorderOptions=repository=/oracle/tmp/

This parameter can be adjusted in script “setDomainEnv.sh” or in the startup arguments for each server.
In this case I set in startup arguments.

Navigate to Enviroment > Server > Server Start.
In “Arguments”, add: “-XX:FlightRecorderOptions=repository=/oracle/tmp/”

ScreenHunter_92 Aug. 16 14.04

Restart the servers.

[root@app1wsora3 tmp]# pwd; find . -name *.jfr

That’s all for today.


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