Teradata ODBC for Unix OS

To connection between unix machine with teradata environment is needed to install ODBC Driver and some others components (dependencies). All Items can be found in Teradata Downloads site: https://downloads.teradata.com/

Teradata OBDC Driver has 3 dependecies:

1. Shared common components for Internationalization (TDICU)
2. Teradata GSS client package (TeraGSS)
3. Teradata Tools and Utilities Base (TTU)

After download all items, run as root: rpm -ivh “component_name” –nodeps

Eg: rpm -ivh teragss1510- --nodeps

Use “–nodeps” only to not need to install in order

All items installed, configure connections in file odbc.ini

cd /opt/teradata
find . -iname odbc.ini

Configure all files you have found, with information of your teradata environment.

If you need to connect your Middleware using JDBC, just download and install the Teradata JDBC driver, to install this component you just need to unzip or untar the downloaded file and move the JAR file to the lib folder in Middleware, and don’t forget to add the path of the lib folder in the user’s PATH.

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