OGG-01411 – Cannot convert input file ./dirdat/xx with format RELEASE 9.0/9.5 to output file ./dirdat/zz


If you search solutions to this Error, you will perceived only one documented root cause:


OGG-01411  Cannot convert input file ./dirdat/xx000549 with format RELEASE 9.0/9.5 to output file ./dirdat/zz000034 with format RELEASE 12.1.


“The output trail of the data pump has a different format (version) than the input trail of the data pump”

If you are using GG 12.1 version, and all trails (rmttrail and exttrail) are correctly set with “format release”, you fell into a bug.

Oracle recommend to do upgrade to GG 12.2.

To work around this issue and start process, you need write a new trail, perform etrollover and reposition pump process.

On the Target System, process works fine, but not receive new trails, because pump process are abended.

GGSCI (lab2.grepora.net) 001> info rep01

REPLICAT rep01 Last Started 2017-03-20 12:08 Status RUNNING
Checkpoint Lag 00:00:00 (updated 00:00:09 ago)
Process ID 13563
Log Read Checkpoint File ./dirdat/zz000034
2017-03-22 09:53:31.004144 RBA 30683971

Go to the source system.

GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 010> info pump01 
EXTRACT pump01                               Status ABENDED
Checkpoint Lag 06:10:32 (updated 00:00:01 ago) 
Process ID 13213 
Log Read Checkpoint File ./dirdat/xx000549 
2017-03-22 03:12:02.000012 RBA 267098 

Copy the red line above, to reposition extract process avoiding data loss.

GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 4> STOP ext01
GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 4> ALTER ext01 ETROLLOVER
GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 5> ALTER ext01 BEGIN 2017-03-22 02:12:02.000012 (red line copied)
GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 6> START ext01
GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 010> info pump01
EXTRACT pump01                               Status ABENDED
Checkpoint Lag 06:10:50 (updated 00:00:02 ago) 
Process ID 13213 
Log Read Checkpoint File ./dirdat/xx000549 
2017-03-22 03:12:02.000012 RBA 267098

Copy the red line above, to find new trail generated by etrollover.

GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 010> sh ls -lart ./dirdat/xx* (use second red line copied)
-rw-r----- 1 oracle oinstall 83729605 Mar 22 00:12 ./dirdat/xx000546
-rw-r----- 1 oracle oinstall 83821063 Mar 22 00:35 ./dirdat/xx000547
-rw-r----- 1 oracle oinstall 99998927 Mar 22 01:52 ./dirdat/xx000548
-rw-r----- 1 oracle oinstall   563291 Mar 22 02:30 ./dirdat/xx000549
-rw-r----- 1 oracle oinstall     3291 Mar 22 06:52 ./dirdat/xx000550 (this is the new trail, genereted by etrollover)

GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 014> STOP pump01
GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 015> ALTER pump01 extseqno 550 extrba 0
GGSCI (lab1.grepora.net) 016> START pump01

After you perform this procedure, check Pump and replicat process until they are online. If you have time, upgrade to 12.2 and show result to us. o/


  1. George

    Hi, Dieison,

    I am using GG 12.2.1, and this exact error happened to me too, my issue is that oracle log has been removed from database, i am not able to do exrollover from extract , how can i make pump deliver the trail file with this error?

    1. Hi, Andrew
      Trail its a file that contains goldengate transaction capture, the extracts collecting database operations, and after, do write this operations in a trail file, with a harderous compression. if needed, you can open trail files using a logdump goldengate utility

  2. Federico

    Hi, how are you?, Im having this problem and i implemented this workaround.
    But i have some doubts.
    The doubt i have is that i 4 extracts and 3 pumps for extract, and the problem was in only one of the pumps. The other pumps work fine and the REPLICAT apply the transactions.
    So i don’t know if, because i restarted the extract the pumps are going to extract transactions that they already extracted and if the REPLICATS are going to apply transactions that already applied.

    1. Hi Frederico.

      Your replicates will not apply duplicate transactions, because you have positioned your extractor exactly in the position where the pump stopped.
      If you have more than one pump for the same extract, you can create a new extract, only to collect the failed pump transactions, once you have passed the wrong position, you can return to normal configuration.

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