Weblogic Log Filters

When need to verify weblogic logs with frequency, and it’s too hard because you have a lot of know exceptions: Create a log Filter.

To accomplish that:
– In the left panel of the Console, select the domain.
– On the Configuration, select Log Filters page, click New.

Give a name to filter.


– Now, select log filter and click in “Edit” to create a “Current Log Filter Expressions”

Some examples below:

Shows in log, only this two BEA Message:
(MSGID IN (‘BEA-310003’, ‘BEA-122004’))

If you want to omit them:
NOT (MSGID IN (‘BEA-310003’, ‘BEA-122004’))

a few more..
(SUBSYSTEM = ‘Deployer’) AND (MESSAGE LIKE ‘%Fatal%’)
(SEVERITY = ‘Debug’) AND (MSGID = ‘BEA-120012’)

More about Expressions can be found here.

At the end, select a server, Logging -> General -> below, Advanced.
On this page you can add your filters.

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