Guru99: PL/SQL 101 Completely Free!

Hey all!
Just passing by today to share something I found really inetresting, and the best: it’s all free!
Do you know Guru99?

It’s a preety nice repository with lots of free tutorials and guides for PLSQL, SQL and several other languages, plus some other IT-related knowledge, like Big Data, PMP and etc.

It’s not rare to have people asking me “How to Start learning SQL” or saying “All material (including grepora :D) is too much specific, we don’t have good general documentation”.
Even Oracle having a pretty nice documentation on the products and features, general concepts are usually forgotten. Aaaaand, now I have something to link on those cases! 😀

Having a look on Guru99, First I found this guide PL/SQL First Program: Hello World, including detailed steps on:
– How to access SQL* Plus
– Connecting to Database
– How to write a simple program using PL/SQL
– Declaring and usage of variables in program
– Commenting Codes

Then found an entire category PL/SQL Tutorials. Talking to Alex (Editor), seems over 120 hours were spent on it. And they were well spent, the material is really very easy to read and understand. Chapters on this Course are:
1. Introduction to PL/SQL
2. Blocks in PL/SQL
3. PL SQL First Program: Hello World
4. PL/SQL Data Types
5. Complex Data Types in PL/SQL
6. PL/SQL Decision Making Statements
7. Loops in PL/SQL
8. Subprograms: Procedures and Functions in PL/SQL
9. Exception Handling in PL/SQL
10. SQL in PL/SQL
11. Packages in PL/SQL
12. Triggers in PL/SQL
13. Object Types in PL/SQL
14. Dynamic SQL in PL/SQL
15. Nested Blocks in Pl/Sql
16. PL/SQL Identifiers

Also found really interesting the Course SQL Tutorial for Beginners Learn in 7 Days, with the following items:
– What is a database? What is MySQL?
– Introduction to MySQL & MySQL workbench
– Introduction To Database Design
– Learn Database Normalization with the help of a case study
– Learn ER Modeling with a Case Study
– How To Create A Database & MySQL DataTypes
– How to use SELECT in MySQL
– How to query data using Where clause in MySQL
– How to use Insert Into in MySQL
– How to Delete & Update data in MySQL
– How sorting is done in MySQL using ORDER BY, DESC and ASC
– How to use Group By in MySQL
– How to use Wildcards in MySQL
– Using Regular Expressions & Wild Cards in MySQL
– Ultimate guide to Functions used in PHP
– How to use Aggregate Function in MySQL
– All about Null value & Keyword in MySQL
– How to use Auto Increment in MySQL
– How to use Alter, Drop & Rename function in MySQL
– How to use Limit keyword in MySQL
– Using Sub-Queries in MySQL
– How to use Joins in MySQL
– How to use Unions in MySQL
– How to use Views in MySQL
– How to use Index in MySQL
– Creating an Application using MySQL

Anyway, hope you enjoy it!
Take some time to review and link to your friends if you enjoy it too… 😉


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