Pluggable Database in Mount after Restart

Hi all,

So, I client reached me to fix the following: After restarting a database, all pluggable databases stay as mounted, instead of opening automatically.

Well, this was the quickest fix ever. After having all pluggable databases as they should be (open, in this case, but could have some in mount, depending on the configuration desired):

alter pluggable database all save state;

Easy, right?
We have some other good options like:

alter pluggable database pdb_name save state;
alter pluggable database all except pdb_name1, pdb_name2 save state;

I don’t really have to explain them, right?

Some good reference:

40.4.7 Preserving or Discarding the Open Mode of PDBs When the CDB Restarts
Preserve PDB Startup State ( onward)


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