OEM Real-Time Data not Displayed

Hi all,
So I was facing the follwoing situation in a client:
– SYS as SYSDBA passoword working to connect on database.
– Connecting to targets with this credentials working fine.
– However when loading real-time graphs it was simply not working.
– Tried to create manually the named credentials, still not working now with the error:

Listener refused the connection with the following error: ORA-12514, TNS:listener does not currently know of the service requested in connect descriptor.

See what I was getting from database home:

NewScreenshot 2019-05-09 às 11.34.33.png

Weird, but hey, the solution was already posted in Grepora!

Ok, I discovered anyway from MOS BUG 28513706 – 13c2EM: DB home page shows Connection Cache with this Cache Name does not exist. it miht be related to connection pools.
Even thought this was closed as not a bug, a learned a new workaround for it:

1. [OMS_HOME]/bin/emctl set property -name use_pooled_target_connections -value false 

2. Restart oms 

[OMS_HOME]/bin/emctl stop oms -all 

[OMS_HOME]/bin/emctl start oms

Hope it helps!

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