HrOUG: Croatian Oracle Users Group Conference 2019!

Hello all,

I’m very happy to announce I’ll be at this years Croatia Oracle Users Group annual event, in Rovinj, at Hotel Istra 4, in St. Andrew island. When? October 15-18th.

This is one of 6 events on european Oracle Groundbreakers Tour this year.

Lectures will have 20 speakers from Oracle ACE Program (11 directors, 5 ace, 3 associate, 1 alumni). I’m happy to be one of those 11. 🙂

The event also has:

  • 4 keynotes
  • 20 Oracle ACE program speakers
  • 10 Oracle Corp. speakers
  • 3-4 Social evening events

More info:


Just a few pics to give a taste…

See you there!

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