GUOB 2019 Review

Hello all!

Last August 10th I had the privilege of being again (4th in a row) speaking in Groundbreakers Tour São Paulo / aka GUOB Techday 2019!

However, this year for the first time as a GOUB Counselor, organizing this event. So, I’d like to thank you all for being there and for the friends in GUOUB for this great opportunity.

This year I had the pleasure to talk a little bit over a few tips in my session: Tips and Tricks from over 20K hours DBA oncall.

Besides those, I could also be in some other awesome sessions delivered by top speakers in the world, including:

  • Mike Dietrich: Master Product Manager on Database Upgrade / Migration team.
  • Sandesh Rao: VP – Autonomous Database Health e Machine Learning.
  • Ricardo Gonzalez: Cloud Migration Product Manager.
  • Nirmala Sundarappa: Java/DB Product Manager.
  • Ricardo Portilho: Oracle Instructor and Consultant
  • Vicent Romero: Java JDK Compiler Engineer

What I think? I can’t wait for the next one! Besides the great friends we met, it’s amazing to discuss such relevant topics with specialists on the area.

Some additional stuff:
–  Slides from GUOB Sessions
Event Album

Thanks for everything, GOUB Community! See you soon!

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