Review: SIOUG – MakeIT 2019

Hi all,
This year I had the pleasure to be in SIOUG – MakeIT 2019 in Portorož/Slovenia as a speaker. We had great sessions and speakers in a way I almost felt stupid to be there speaking while I could be watching other sessions… LOL

And what a great event, there was:

  • 65 Slots
  • 6 Tracks
  • 3 Workshops

Some links:

It was 2 days of sessions on several topics of Oracle stack from people all over the globe. In between, some good timing coffees all day long allowing some great networking time as well. All very organized, well communicated and well-timed.

Thank you Slovenia for receiving me so well and the organization for such a great time and for the opportunity to be among those names.

And a special thank you for my friend Jure Bratina for the great reception!

See you soon!

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