RMOUG Training Days 2020 Review!

Hello all!
I’m here to say my thank you all for attending and participating with me on the RMOUG. It was great to meet old friends and make some new.

There were all sorts of great topics in place, here is my top ten list (in no particular order):

  • OCI: Everything You Need To Know To Get Started – Simon Pane
  • An Autonomous Singularity Approaches: Force Multipliers For Overwhelmed DBAs – Jim Czuprynski
  • Bringing DevOps To Your Database Environment – Michael Haynes
  • Straight Talk On Oracle Licensing & Licensing Trends – Michael Corey and Donald Sullivan
  • SQL Tuning: Undocumented Secrets For Getting Accurate Cardinalities – Kaley Crum
  • Actions For An Impactful Presentation – Dan Norris (not a technical one, but very useful)
  • What’s Your Super-Power? Mine Is ML With Oracle Autonomous DB – Jim Czuprynski
  • Oracle Database Single Sign-On Made Easy-Oracle18c/19c Centrally Managed Users (CMU) – Simon Pane
  • SQL Data Caching For Performance & DB Offload – Douglas Hood
  • Tune Your SQL Without Hints Or Indexes – Kaley Crum
  • Using Kubernetes For DB Scalability & Availability – Douglas Hood
  • Working Effectively With JSON In The Oracle Database – Sean Stacey

Ok, I had to put 12!

By the way, for all my conference latest slides, please check: https://grepora.com/material/

I hope you have all enjoyed it as much as I did!

And if you are an RMOUG board member: Thank you very much for the great welcoming and congratulations for such a great organization and quality event!


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