Lessons Learned from Deploying Business Critical Databases across various Platforms

Lessons Learned from Deploying Business Critical Databases across various Platforms

There are many ways to ensure scalability and availability for the Oracle Database, some of which come with some challenges. Options can also differ depending on the platform you are planning on using, but what are those challenges? What are the technical differences that you have to expect?

Join this session for lessons learned from deploying highly scalable and available databases on generic on-premises systems, on Exadata Database Machine, and in the cloud, including lessons learned by taking on-premises technologies into the cloud.   You will also get an idea of what you can learn from Oracle’s cloud implementations for your on-premises deployments.

Testing is Believing – Oracle LiveLabs

Testing is Believing - Oracle LiveLabsNew features always sound great and slides always work, but can these features convince in real life? At Oracle, we do not believe in hiding behind fancy slides. Instead, we put our latest technology out there for you to test – via Oracle LiveLabs. This session will highlight and walk you through an overview of available Oracle LiveLabs, which will give you access to Oracle’s tools and technologies to run a wide variety of labs and workshops. Experience Oracle’s best technology, including high availability and disaster recovery solutions – live!

Oracle Site Guard- Business Continuity at Scale

Oracle Site Guard- Business Continuity at ScaleOne of the critical questions with which business owners are faced is how quickly applications will be back online in case of a planned or an unplanned Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario, affecting an entire site hosting many components like Oracle Databases, Oracle Weblogic Servers, and Oracle as well as non-Oracle applications. An answer to this question will be challenging, as multiple factors have to be considered; for example, DR planning, runbook readiness for various components, availability of experienced personnel, level of established automation, etc. That is why Oracle provides a one-stop answer to automate your end-to-end disaster recovery operations – Oracle Site Guard. Join this session to discuss the challenges of business continuity and how Oracle Site Guard as part of Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) can help to overcome those challenges. The session also includes a demo.

Oracle Fleet Patching and Provisioning: Architecture and Internals

Oracle Fleet Patching and Provisioning: Architecture and InternalsOracle Fleet Patching and Provisioning is a robust, reliable, automated, and fleet-capable solution that orchestrates the install, patching, and upgrade of Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Databases. How does it work? What are the building blocks? How are databases patched? In this session, I will answer all these questions and give you a clear understanding of the Fleet Patching and Provisioning architecture.

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration – for All Your Migration Needs

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration - for All Your Migration Needs

Introducing Oracle Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) 21c, the fully automated tool that leverages the best of Oracle’s high availability and scalability solutions to move your on-premises Oracle Databases to Oracle Cloud with no database downtime.

This session will cover the full range of features and functionality of Oracle ZDM in-depth, including a demo and background on how it was designed and built to meet all your migration needs.

The Evolution of Data Guard and Active Data Guard 21c: Features & Best Practices

The Evolution of Data Guard and Active Data Guard 21c: Features & Best Practices

Session Abstract: Join this session to explore how Data Guard and Active Data Guard 21c have evolved over the past five years to understand better what features and best practices can be utilized with each version. The session will cover a technical deep dive of each of the new features, including the long-awaited Multitenant Data Guard feature that allows for the choice of PDB or CDB level failover.

Glen Hawkins

How to cheat for extreme Database Performance

– Learn some simple techniques to optimize the performance of your Oracle, RAC, and Exadata databases.
– Learn how you can lower latency and reduce your DB IO.
– Learn how these techniques can work on bare metal, VMs, and Kubernetes.
– Warning, SQL explain plans and indexes may be involved.

Speaker BIO: Douglas Hood
Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle

Doug is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle.
Doug is an evangelist for Oracle TimesTen, Oracle NoSQL, and Oracle In-Memory.
Doug is passionate about performance, high availability, and simplicity.

Database Auditing: Best Practices for improving performance and security

Oracle Database provides the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible auditing capability. Effective audit policies let you monitor database activity with a negligible performance impact. In this session, you’ll learn how to create audit policies that are selective and targeted to your needs, avoiding the common pitfall of collecting unnecessary audit information that, in turn, impacts database performance, increases storage costs, and may make it more difficult to spot malicious activity. Angeline Dhanarani, Principal Product Manager for Database Auditing, will share key tips to capture relevant audit events, reduce false positives, and support quick and reliable threat detection – all without compromising database performance!

Speaker BIO: Angeline Janet Dhanarani
Principal Product Manager – Core Database Auditing, Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall (AVDF), Oracle

Angeline Janet Dhanarani is the Principal Product Manager for Oracle Database Security, focusing on core Oracle Database Auditing and database activity monitoring (DAM) solutions with Audit Vault and Database Firewall (AVDF). With 17+ years of experience, Angeline is involved in many customer engagement activities for over a decade at Oracle. Angeline is engaged in inbound and outbound product management activities and is responsible for ensuring the successful adoption of DAM solutions in many large financial establishments. Angeline closely works with the engineering team to define the product roadmap.

Deploy Oracle Databases Anywhere, Manage from Everywhere

In this session, learn about the new capabilities in the just-released Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 that allows Oracle Databases to be deployed in the cloud or on-premises and stop worrying about the operational risks and management of these databases.

This session covers the exciting features of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 in the following key areas:

– Hybrid Cloud Management: Fleet monitoring, management and data movement across the entire IT estate – on-premises and in the cloud including Exadata Cloud@Customer, Exadata Cloud Service, Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, Autonomous Database, and Oracle Databases deployed elsewhere
– Ops Automation: Enhanced automation and modernization with smart performance analytics, dynamic run books, database provisioning, patching, security, and compliance
– Extensibility: Open standards-based extensions for interoperability with 3rd party ecosystems with REST APIs, custom dashboards, and mobile app

Speaker BIO: Prabhaker Gongloor
Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle

Prabhaker Gongloor (GP) works as Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle Corporation in the Cloud and Systems Manageability group covering numerous products – Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Management Cloud, and OCI native services. His primary focus areas are Performance Diagnostics, SQL Tuning, DB and Engineered Systems Manageability, and Real Application Testing. GP has over 28 years of industry experience spanning many roles – Developer, Consulting Technical Advisor (Centers of Expertise), and Consulting Product Manager. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. GP has contributed significantly towards building Oracle’s Database Manageability solutions and has multiple patents to his credit. He has presented numerous sessions at OOW and user conferences and some of his sessions have been rated the best in their category.