Next Generation Database Management for DevOps and DBAs

Next Generation Database Management for DevOps and DBAs

Gain instant access to monitor and administer your entire fleet of databases, whether one or many located either on-premise or in the cloud, using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management and Operations Insights cloud services. You will see in-depth capabilities for monitoring, troubleshooting, and managing groups of databases as a single unit whether they are unrelated databases, development or test databases, or databases belonging to an application group. You will see demonstrations of typical database management workflows.

Trust, but verify approach to securing access to Oracle Database

Trust,but verify approach to securing access to Oracle Database

Trust-but-verify is a key security control for many compliance regulations. In this session, you will learn how you can use Unified Auditing in Oracle Database to implement this approach in a smart and practical way while minimizing performance and storage impact on the database. Try hands-on configuring simple unified audit policies with LiveLabs workshop practice in this session. Join this session and become subject matter experts for implementing this key security control in your organizations.

Function calls in SQL – Black Box for the Optimizer?

Function calls in SQL - Black Box for the Optimizer?

Functions in SQL are a useful and popular feature that is often used. However, little attention is often paid to performance aspects. A function call or an expression in a WHERE condition is a challenge for the query optimizer that often leads to unsuitable execution plans and bad response times. For PL/SQL functions called from SQL, the situation is even more complex. If used incorrectly, they can lead to massive performance degradation.
In this presentation, I will show different possibilities to support the optimizer in function calls to generate better execution plans. Furthermore, I will explain how PL/SQL functions can be used optimally in SQL queries and which performance killers must be avoided. Of course, all this will be demonstrated with live examples and stories from the field.

Live SQL Coding Challenge

Live SQL Coding Challenge

Have you been unable to answer a SQL interview question? Or unsure how to turn business requirements – e.g. “Find the two highest-paid employees in each department” – into SQL queries?
This session will show you how to turn these questions into SQL.
Chris will take your “business requirements” based on the sample HR schema in this live, interactive SQL coding challenge. He’ll then write SQL to answer them in real-time. Join the fun and learn the process of writing SQL.

5x DB speed + up to 500% reduction in Oracle DB License & $0 Support

5x DB speed + up to 500% reduction in Oracle DB License & $0 Support

Session Abstract: Learn about high-performance Oracle Cloud infrastructure software to power your own servers/datacenter, Configure high-performance oracle workloads quickly on Open Infrastructure, Implement Oracle best practices for safe and secure implementation on-prem as well as on public clouds.

Highlight: Improve DB performance, Cut down DB deployment time and modernize your oracle workloads with Kubernetes.

Speakers: Jatin Sindhi
Vice-President – APAC, Embedded Partner Business, Oracle Cloud Infra, Linux and Virtualization, Oracle

& Deepak Singh
Principal Sales Consultant – Cloud Infra s/w, Oracle

Sangam21 – 13 days

Join us for in-depth technical sessions, masterclasses, hands-on labs, Fireside chats, keynotes, Oracle ACE Community, many more, and of course expand your network at AIOUG Annual flagship conference Sangam21 – Bringing the best of Oracle technology to you!


– Global Webinar Series covering APAC, EMEA, AMS
– 13 days, 100+ hours of learning and networking
– 100+ Sessions, 120+ Speakers – World-class speakers
– 6+ Hands-on Lab Sessions
– 7 Tracks & No. of sessions (Database, Applications, Analytics & ML, Future Technology, Cloud, Community Sessions, Keynote, Interviews, and many more)

Lessons Learned from Deploying Business Critical Databases across various Platforms

Lessons Learned from Deploying Business Critical Databases across various Platforms

There are many ways to ensure scalability and availability for the Oracle Database, some of which come with some challenges. Options can also differ depending on the platform you are planning on using, but what are those challenges? What are the technical differences that you have to expect?

Join this session for lessons learned from deploying highly scalable and available databases on generic on-premises systems, on Exadata Database Machine, and in the cloud, including lessons learned by taking on-premises technologies into the cloud.   You will also get an idea of what you can learn from Oracle’s cloud implementations for your on-premises deployments.

Testing is Believing – Oracle LiveLabs

Testing is Believing - Oracle LiveLabsNew features always sound great and slides always work, but can these features convince in real life? At Oracle, we do not believe in hiding behind fancy slides. Instead, we put our latest technology out there for you to test – via Oracle LiveLabs. This session will highlight and walk you through an overview of available Oracle LiveLabs, which will give you access to Oracle’s tools and technologies to run a wide variety of labs and workshops. Experience Oracle’s best technology, including high availability and disaster recovery solutions – live!

Oracle Site Guard- Business Continuity at Scale

Oracle Site Guard- Business Continuity at ScaleOne of the critical questions with which business owners are faced is how quickly applications will be back online in case of a planned or an unplanned Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario, affecting an entire site hosting many components like Oracle Databases, Oracle Weblogic Servers, and Oracle as well as non-Oracle applications. An answer to this question will be challenging, as multiple factors have to be considered; for example, DR planning, runbook readiness for various components, availability of experienced personnel, level of established automation, etc. That is why Oracle provides a one-stop answer to automate your end-to-end disaster recovery operations – Oracle Site Guard. Join this session to discuss the challenges of business continuity and how Oracle Site Guard as part of Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) can help to overcome those challenges. The session also includes a demo.