Introduction to Oracle Converged Database for Developers

Oracle Converged Database

The Oracle Database converges support for multiple data models and workloads into a single database, while supporting popular development tools and techniques like events and REST interfaces.

As opposed to using multiple single purpose databases for each data type, using a converged database results in a unified data tier, enabling real-time analytics and machine learning on production data.

Converting Between SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase and others…

Hi all!
I was asked to make a conversion from T-SQL (MSSQL) Procedure to PL/PGSQL. Regarding how boring is this task, the follow link helped me:

I highly recommend it. The site has a commercial solution to convert all database, but some code can be converted online for free. ­čÖé
The conversion not fixed at all, but make a good part of the work… And all help is helpful…

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