1 Year!

With some late, I’d like to remember that last 29 we commemorate 1 year from the first post! 😀

In this year some changes happened. We oscillated by times with more and times with less posts basically by my own obligation with other activities. Then, we had a big change: In November, the MatheusDBA Blog turned to GrepOra.com and some new authors arrived… It just shows how we grow up and how we quickly become much better in just a few months!

I’d like to thank and congratulate Cassiano, Dieison, Maiquel, Jackson, Will and most recently (not even have profile) Fabrício to join me in this blog and make it bigger than us!

In this year was 76 posts, over 4.000 views from 100 different countries and over 400 references/shares in another sites!

We’d like to thank specially Brasil, EUA, India, UK, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and Holland, the top-ten readers. 🙂

Thanks you for reading this and feel free to contribute and follow us for 2016 and ahead!

Have a nice day and a great 2016 to we all!
Let’s elevate these statistics even more! 😀 😀

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