grepOra 2.0 is Online! What’s New?

Hi all!

We are glad to announce our version 2.0 is online!

We have been working with the same blog layout since 2015, as being we HAD to make a few improvements to accommodate all changes we had on our structure and also some things to make YOUR experience even better.

We did try to keep the layout as clean as possible, as you are used to. In case you find any big issue, broken link or similar, let us know!


1. The HOME page:

  • We made some quick buttons for the main features and we hope you like it!
  • We have now a quick panel with the latest posts on our main categories.

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 15.12.46


  • We know some of you get annoyed about the number of events we announce on the blog feed.
  • However, we know some of you come here specifically for this.
  • To accommodate both, we have set an AGENDA to have in a much more modern fashion the list of upcoming events from either the Community around the Globe and also Oracle official events and webinars.
  • We are still getting things around and you’ll keep seeing improvements in this regard soon!
  • You have now the LIST and SCHEDULE view too!

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 18.16.42

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 18.18.10

3. The FORUM

  • YES! You have now an open Forum to ask quick questions and have answers not only from the Authors but from the whole community. ENJOY and USE IT!
  • I have filled with some questions I heard recently and answers, just as an example. But we await YOUR interaction there!

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 18.20.37



  • As many of you asked, we started a learning space where we recommend some of the books and trainings we have read/tested/validated/like for your development.
  • Among the items we have on the roadmap is start including reviews on trainings and books.
  • By buying the books from the given links you’ll be helping grepOra to keep alive and growing. Thanks!
  • You can expect new sessions, recommendations and reviews soon!

NewScreenshot 2020-07-28 às 18.23.59


There are of course tons of quick and tiny improvements here and there all over the pages and spaces. We have rebuilt ALL the pages, like the MEMBERS page. But those are the 4 main improvements.

You can expect for more soon:

  • A Monthly Newsletter will start soon. Subscribe yourself and stay sharp!
  • Book and Trainings Reviews will start to be published soon.
  • The Agenda will become more integrated and have additional sources soon.
  • Expect for more surprises soon!


We are glad to have you here. This is all for YOU!

I want to take some space here to also thank Gabriel Morás and Jociéli Maleico for helping out on this reimagination process. Thank you!

Thank you and Enjoy!



Review: 2º Meetup GUOB 2019

Hi all,

I just want to thank you all for the attendance on the meetup promoted by GUOB last October 5th at Campinas/SP – Brazil!

And a special high five for our speakers on the day: Franky Weber and Ricardo Portilho.

It was a pleasure to have you there and we can barely wait for the next one!

ACE Director Announcement

Hello all!
I’m proud to announce that last August 2nd Oracle promoted me from Oracle ACE to Oracle ACE Director!

And for this I can only thank:

  • ACE Program and Community itself for challenging me on this, which I discovered to be a passion after a while.
  • Friends and family for all your support and encouragement on literally every single step of this journey.
  • GREPORA and all our fellow authors on making it great on Community.
  • Pythian for all great team mates and encouragement regarding community programs.

But what is an Oracle ACE?

The Oracle ACE Program highlights excellence within the global Oracle community by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated both technical skill and strong credentials as enthusiasts and community advocates.

There are 3 levels of (active) Oracle ACEs:
ACE Associate: The entry level.
ACE: Proficient Community Advocate.
ACE Director: Expert Community Advocate.

To learn more about the program, visit Oracle ACE Program – FAQ

I’m glad to say I have covered all those steps (, ) to be where I am right now.
Also, I got originally nominated in 3 Expertises: Database Management & Performance, Cloud, MySQL.

Some additional facts:

  • I’m the first Brazilian ACE Cloud.
  •  I’m the actual youngest ACE Director in the world.
  • I’m the only ACE Director living in Brazil.

In summary, I just want to share my happiness on having this logo now on with you all.

Thanks for all your support!


10th GUOB Tech Day! – New Coupon!

Hey all,
Some of you asked for an new coupon, once the one from previous post expired on last 12th.

Here it goes!

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-16 at 11.16.49


Where: São Paulo-SP/Brazil.

When:  August 10th 2019

Speakers da Oracle confirmed on event:

Directly from Oracle:

  • Mike Dietrich: Master Product Manager on Database Upgrade / Migration team.
  • Anil Nair: Product Manager de RAC.
  • Sandesh Rao: VP – Autonomous Database Health e Machine Learning.
  • Ricardo Gonzalez: Cloud Migration Product Manager.
  • Nirmala Sundarappa: Java/DB Product Manager.

Besides them some global references like: Franck Pachot, Gustavo Gonzalez, Rolando Carrasco.

Complete Agenda, here!

Subscribe Now!

Roundtable: How are Databases adapting to Cloud architectures? – THANKS!

Hi all!
I just need to thank you all for the attendance on yesterday’s Round Table event!

We had over 130 individuals in presence plus dozens following the live on YourTube. It was great to have the discussions and also to count on your questions and support.

I need also to thanks for SETREM space and support, specially Franzéli Kaspari and Prof. Valsênio Gaelzer for all the efforts on making it happen. Also for both other members of round table Simone Kosmalski, Cristiano Goelzer and Jonas Pacheco who attended physically and participated on discussions.

I’d also specially want to thank Ricardo Gonzalez for attending remotely from over 10kkm our event. Thanks Ricardo!

Hope to join you guys soon again in a second round.


Roundtable on “How are Databases adapting to Cloud architectures?”

Hello all!
Tomorrow we are having a Roundtable on the topic  “How are Databases adapting to Cloud architectures?”
It’s being placed at SETREM in Três de Maio/RS-Brazil, June 27th (TOMORROW) at 19:30 BRT (6:30PM EST).

Good news? We’ll have a Live Stream for this one.
And it’s on the brand new GREPORA Youtube Channel! (more to come about it here on the blog soon).
NOTE: It will be all in portuguese, so be aware. 🙂

Wait you there!
Access on youtube to make questions!

IT Platform Career Speak at LaSalle Innovation and Technology Week

Hey all!

This wee we had the opportunity speak to some young minds about IT Platform and a little bit about our daily working routine as DBAs and Application at the LaSalle Innovation and Technology week.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-04 at 18.57.27 (1).jpeg

We (Dieison Santos, Marcelo Lermen and myself)  gladly had some very interested audience and for that we’d like to thank you very much for the organization for the invitation. Find the complete schedule for the week here.

Also, find our slides here.

Thank you all!

IT Platform Pitfalls: Session at LaSalle Innovation and Technology Week

Hey all!

Just passing by to confirm we got invited to speak at the LaSalle Innovation and Technology week. Check out this link and confirm you presence right away!
This is an event open to public (free!) and we’ll be speaking over IT Platform careers.

I said we, because I’l be talking with my friends Dieison Santos (author of this Blog) and Marcelo Lermen.

Find the complete schedule for the week here.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-04 at 18.57.27 (1).jpeg

Meet you there!

2nd GUORS Meeting 2018: Feedback

Hey all!

Quick one: Just passing by again to thank for the event organization to bring my same and for the attendees to ask me there again! 🙂

It’s always good to participate on a local events and meet so awesome people that are always around but we still don’t see very often.

For the ones looking for my slides, find always my updated slides here.