Weblogic starting with the operating system

Today, let’s to configure weblogic services startup, when machines starts.
In some blogs, we can find a bunch of customized scripts that create and set variables to startup the adminservers, nodemanagers and managed server, but, in my case, i just need to start adminserver and nodemanger, when machines start just after an incident.

For this situation, we need that the startup of application do not interrupt the operation system startup.

*The operation system in subject is Red-Hat 6.5

Without create scripts or complex configurations, to obtain this behavior we just need add startup of services in the file /etc/rc.local.

su - oracle -c "nohup /oracle/domains/domain_name/bin/startWebLogic.sh > /oracle/logs/Adminserver.log 2>&1 &"
su - oracle -c "nohup /oracle/binaries/wlserver_10.3/server/bin/startNodeManager.sh > /oracle/logs/Nodemanager.log 2>&1 &"

When you uses “su – oracle -c” the operation system makes a call to oracle user. Using rc.local, the last OS execution file after startup, you guarantee to not interrupt system startup.


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