Oracle OpenWorld Latin America 2016 : Review

Hi Folks!
As I told you here, last 28, 29 and 30th I was at Oracle OpenWorld LA 2016, in São Paulo/SP – Brazil.
Before my considerations, I’d like to remember that some presentation materials used by speakers are available at here.

There was a lot of sessions, so the review for is as short as possible for each one of them:

Opening Keynote with Mark Hurd
It’s allways great to hear from the CEO’s voice what he, and so Oracle itself, thinks for the IT trends for the next years and decades.
Mark basically used a word that was evoked constantly in the next 3 days: “Cloud”. No surprises here. His speech was focused in showing how Oracle believes Cloud will be in the next years and how they are reacting (and planning to react) to this changes.
Obviously he pointed how and why Oracle Cloud is better than other Cloud Services. 🙂
After Mark, some other executives from Oracle, Intel and Ambev talked about this subject by other perspectives, so it aggregated too.

Oracle Exadata Technical Deep Dive: Architecture and Internals
Session with Cris Pedregal (Oracle) about Exadata. It was not so ‘deep’ how I expect, but was a good review of Exadata features and mechanisms and how it integrate to another products like InMemory.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) Best Practices
I believe it was the best session of all event to me! Ricardo Gonzalez (Oracle) spoke about RAC best practices to upgrade and some new features for 12cR2. It was really great to listen someone who ‘put the hand on’ speaking about RAC infrastructure.
Ricardo was also pretty applied to try (and succeed) to talk in Portuguese, once we’re in Brazil. Very nice from his part.

Maximum Availability Architecture Best Practices for Oracle Database 12c
Good time with Jony Safi talking about 12c MAA. Nothing special, but it’s always good to know and revisit best practices by technical staff ways to. Very good to remmember and better understand some mechanisms.

HCM and the Digital Workforce
I decided to see something new, so I spent (well spent) some time to listen Sandro Araujo talking about HCM Oracle Services. It’s not my area, but judging by what I’ve seen in these years, it looks like a great and very complete solution to HR people.

Better Team Development and DevOps with the Cloud
Not exactly my area, but I watched Bruno Borges speech about this subject too. It did not match to my expectations, but I think to Java Developers could had a better understanding about Oracle proposal for continuous delivery and environment fast provisioning.

Oracle Database 11g vs. Oracle Database 12c: Why Migrate?
To prestigiate community talks, with Deiby Gomez. The subject is not a big surprise, but some interesting points was mentioned and reviewed by Deiby. Good for DBAs who is planning to upgrade to 12c.

The Best Oracle Database 12c New Features for Developers and DBAs
Also to honor community participation. Alex Zaballa‘s talk was pretty deep in comparison to Deiby’s, so it was a good sequence. Zaballa explored some features on 12c and gave some expectation about new release 12cR2. Unfortunately the time was short and he hadn’t time to finish the presentation, but it’s one of slides I’m going to download and make a complete review. 🙂

(Just a foto to break the text block: GrepOra was represented in OOW16! 🙂 )

Best Practices for Getting Started with Oracle Database In-Memory
I talk by Cris Pedregal exploring In-Memory mechanisms and best pratices. Very good review and ‘preview’ for Release 2. After Cris, Juliano Freitas gave a depoiment about In-Memory implamentation in Sicredi Environment. Sicredi is a great cooperative banking in Brazil, performing always in top technology, where I worked for 7 years. So, I had the pleasure to be involved on In-Memory implementation process, guided my Willian Frasson and now presented by Juliano. It’s was nice to review our work from last years in this talk. 🙂

Oracle Database In-Memory—What’s New and What’s Coming
Another one by Cris Pedregal. It was very similiar to the last, so I regret to ‘repeat’ it someway. Bad decision by me. The good new is that was different in some aspects, so it was cool anyway.

Oracle Multitenant: Best Practices
John McHugh it’s a real reference for the subject. Althought this a well known subject, it’s nice to see from John’s perspective, so it was a good time. The presentation had also a good participation from the public, so it was good. I missed one name, from Produban, but Nadia dos Santos as Oracle DBA, also from Produban, presented their case of success in migrating to multitenat architecture. Nothing fantastic, but a simple and well executed plan to consolidate some of databases Produban/Santander databases to multi tenant architecture.

Discover a New Level of Resources with Oracle Support/Oracle Platinum Services
Oracle is usually one of biggest business partner for all companies where it is. So, how to build a good relationship and real partnership? Warley Reis (Oracle) presented some of Oracle services and resources to communicate to their partners and also Marcio Capellari from Sicredi gave the ‘rock way’ to estabilish a got relationship based on Sicredi’s case.

Enable Digital Transformation with MySQL
Airton Lastori talked about MySQL and how it has been used by companies. Also presented something about MySQL Enterprise services. Good to listen something ‘different’ and understand better what’s Oracle thinking for MySQL.

The Next-Generation Oracle Database Appliance
Another one by Ricardo Gonzalez. Great time again, this time talking about ODA and new features.

Keynote Reinventing Business in Cloud
In the last day I started by and awesome keynote by Brian Curran (Oracle), Arello Alexandre and Luiz Parraguez from Deloitte, Wanderley Baccalá Banco Original and Tallis Gomes, recognized by Easy Taxi. It was great time with very great presentations about business and stuffs, specialy by Tallis Gomes. I like specially the talk by Wanderley Baccalá too.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c New Features
A talk by Dan Koloski (Oracle) about OEM 13c new features. No ‘news’ for those who are constantly reading about when a product is launched, hehe, but always great to listen by a product manager what Oracle consider best of… It sounds like tips to next release/version… 😉

Hybrid Cloud Test/Dev, Backup, Disaster Recovery Using Oracle Database Appliance
I like the Ricardo Gonzalez’s (Oracle) way to present ideas, so it was the third presetation from him I watched. And this time I reagret a little, because it was veeery similar to the last. The subject is good, but I should chosed just one of the two sessions… But it was good anyway, it was presented by a cloud perspective, so it was nice too.

Cassandra: An Introduction
This was a Java One session, presented by Hanneli Tavante from Codeminer 42. Once I’m a DBA and a should know more from Cassandra. So I went. I arrived a little bit late and regret for that, once a very nice presentation was going on. But I arrived early enough to see a lot of good things. It’s an interessant solution for some specific situations.

Java Community Insider Secrets!
Another Java One session, the last session of event for me (to close with ‘golden-key’), mainly presented by Stephen Chin and Yolande Poirier, both from Oracle. It was an ‘untraditional’ presentation, very dynamic about how to be more for Java community. But all tips can be applied for Non-Java communities too. Very nice! The talk counted with frequent participation of Bruno Souza, the ‘Brazilian Java Guy’ too.

And it all, I think!
I really told you my personal impressions, without any commitment with anyone, so, I expect you appreciate that. Above all, it was a great experience and I like to recommend you to go in Oracle event every time you can.

Have a nice week and see you in GUOB Tech Day, next 30th July!
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