GUOB Tech Day is Next Week!

Hi everyone!
Just passing by to remmember you about the GUOB Tech Day 2016, part of LA OTN Tour, next saturday!

See our first post about: GUOB Tech Day 2016 Coming soon!


If you haven’t make your confirmation, access here!
For more info about the event, access here!
The full event schedule:

And my personal agenda:

Time Room Session Speaker
08:30 1 GUOB Opening!
09:35 1 OTN Latin America LAOUC
10:05 3 Oracle Database Advanced Securing – Hack Defense Rodrigo Jorge
11:15 2 Understanding my database through SQL*Plus using the free tool eDB360 Carlos Sierra
13:30 1 Accelerating DevOps Using Data Virtualization Tim Gorman
14:20 2 DBA Commands and Concepts That Every Developer Should Know Alex Zaballa
15:10 2 SQL Tuning 101 Carlos Sierra
16:25 1 Integrate Big Data with Master Data: Oracle Database Table as Hadoop DataSource Kuassi Mensah
17:15 2 Performance & Tuning – ASH Rodrigo Mufalani
18:05 1 RDBMS Forensics: Troubleshooting Using ASH Tim Gorman
19:00 1 Closing Session

See you there!

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