Failure to create ODI schedule


Today, as in another normal days, I found a problem with ODI schedule in the newly created enviroment. While creating a schedule to scenario execution, then clicked in update schedule in Topology > Agents > OracleDIAgent, I received an exception:

ODI-1274: Agent Exception Caused by: Could not find the AgentScheduler instance in order to process 'OdiComputePlanning' request


Oracle support has a solution for this exception, but only for ODI 12c, it happens that my enviroment is ODI, in community oracle, has the same question, but, without answer.

I could not find any solution, then after cry a lot and performing restart all  (Adminserver, managedserver and nodemanager), I saw another error when starting nodemanager:

weblogic.nodemanager.common.ConfigException: Native version is enabled but nodemanager native library could not be loaded


To solve it, I found only methods to bypass the problem, but no one says how can I solve it. To bypass, just change parameter NativeVersionEnabled to false in $BEA_HOME/common/nodemanager/,
this will solve the problem with nodemanader, but will not solve the problem with ODI schedule.

To solve the two exceptions (nodemanger and ODI schedule) keep the nodemanager parameter NativeVersionEnabled=true and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in $domain_home/bin/ as below:


Then, perform a enviroment restart and logout/login in ODI Studio.

If this procedure helped you to solve the problem, or not, send us your comments!

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