GUOB Tech Day 2016: Review!

Hi guys!

As you know, last week I was in 7th edition of GUOB Tech Day, in São Paulo/Brazil, part of OTN LA Tour. As it use to be, it was a great experience. As usual, after an opening with Oracle and OTN speech we had some parallel sessions, so I unfortunately had to choose only a few of them. But it think I made a good selection. Here is the list:

Oracle Database Advanced Securing – Hack Defense (Rodrigo Jorge)
I think I started really great, with one of the best sessions of the day to me. Rodrigo talked about vulnerabilities that we all currently have in our environments and how to treat them  with quick actions. It was a very original session different to the usual “new features” or “performance-oriented” ones. And it was just the first participation of Rodrigo as speaker of GUOB. Let’s wait for more. 🙂

Estatísticas: Quando Coletar? Quanto Coletar? Como coletar? (Ricardo Portilho)
It was a good change to make Portilho’s and Rodrigo’s session in different times, so I could go in both. Portilho is a great reference to we all in Database Performance subjects. So, the session did not disappoint and was a really great time. Portilho has already freed his slides here (very good stuff, take a look!):

Accelarating DevOps using Data Virtualization (Tim Gorman)
An international star being present in GUOB with a very pertinent subject we all face some time in our life. Tim Gorman showed a solution for Data Virtualization by Dephix. I particularly think there are a lot of possible solutions depending on the technologies we have, but this one really have a good point if you have nothing and are looking for some place to start. Anyway, very good time to review other points for this king of problem.

DBA Commands and Concepts that Every Developer Should Know! (Alex Zaballa)
As you may noticed from the latest posts of events, I’m a big fan of Zaballa. The session had just a few similarity (1 or 2 slides) to OOW session presented by him. This time Zaballa talked about very different points in database development and linked his session to others in the same event. So it was a really great time to have a better understanding, quick view of the event and at the same time an overview of features of 12.2. Great one again!

SQL Tuning 101: Diagnostics, RCA and Remediation (Carlos Sierra)
We had the privilege to listen the voice of the creator of eDB360 and other great tools that helps the DBAs to have a better understanding their environments. Carlos talked about the most basic activity for a DBA: Diagnostic a Problem, understand it and solve it. So, no doubts it was awesome to hear from him how he would proceed in some situation.

ASH – Performance & Tuning (Rodrigo Mufalani)
Another brazilian community session, this time by Mufalani. Rodrigo make a very introductory session about ASH, that, I think, is a perfect match for those are not habituated to use it. To me was a little ‘strange’ to go this session after going on Carlo’s session, that talked deeply about ASH. Perhaps if it would make more sense being before Carlos’ one. Anyway, the session itself was very cool, by seeing in realtime some basic tips by Mufalani.

Oracle INSERT Statements for DBAs and Developer (Daniel Morgan)
To me one of the best sessions, perhaps together to Rodrigo Jorge’s one. In day by day basis we are so heavy deep in new concepts like Multitenant, RAC, Data Redaction and others, that sometimes we forget the real reason of a database: ACID. Daniel mentioned some very curious points about data manipulation and modeling. Great!

RDBMS Forensics: Troubleshooting Using ASH (Tim Gorman)
ASH was the common place in this GUOB. With reason, it’s an awesome tool! Tim showed some examples and told us a situation of him that, I’m sure, is not so different the some of those every DBA has. Tim told a few tips to RCA and remmediation based on it, so. Great time again. And this was the last session of the day.

GUOB members responsible by organizing this event did it very well and were very happy on inviting this names and all day preparing!
The coffee breaks was very well served and the networking was great. I’m very glad to have covered this GUOB as an official blogger, making some posts before the event and this review. Oh! I also had covered the event realtime by my twitter (@matheusdba).

The all event presentations will be soon on GUOB Website.
There is also some OTN Photos from the GUOB Tech Day.

And a bonus foto with Tim Gorman (I gone in his two sessions):

Have a nice weekend!

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