PL/SQL Developer Taking 100% of Database CPU

When using PL/SQL Developer (Allround Automations), a internal query is taking a lot of cpu cycles on database server (100% of a CPU).
Is this your problem? Please check if the query is like this:

select s.synonym_name object_name, o.object_type
from sys.all_synonyms s,
sys.all_objects o
where s.owner in ('PUBLIC', user)
and o.owner = s.table_owner
and o.object_name = s.table_name
and o.object_type in ('TABLE', 'VIEW', 'PACKAGE','TYPE', 'PROCEDURE', 'FUNCTION', 'SEQUENCE')

It’s caused by the Describe Context Option of Code Assistant. To disable it:
Tools > Preferences > Code Assistant and disable the “Describe Context” option.


PL/SQL Developer is a commercial tool of Allround Automations.

By tool documentation:
“Describe context context to determine if the Code Assistant should describe the context of the current user, editor and program unit.
The minimum number of characters identified in the context described can be called before the word of how many characters need to be typed. Note that you can always manually invoke code assist, even if the characters have not been typed.
Description of standard functions in the case of default, Code Assist will describe the function of the standard the to_char, add_months. If you are familiar with these functions, you can disable this option.”

I hope it helped you.
See ya!

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