PL/SQL Developer Taking 100% of Database CPU

When using PL/SQL Developer (Allround Automations), a internal query is taking a lot of cpu cycles on database server (100% of a CPU).
Is this your problem? Please check if the query is like this:

select s.synonym_name object_name, o.object_type
from sys.all_synonyms s,
sys.all_objects o
where s.owner in ('PUBLIC', user)
and o.owner = s.table_owner
and o.object_name = s.table_name
and o.object_type in ('TABLE', 'VIEW', 'PACKAGE','TYPE', 'PROCEDURE', 'FUNCTION', 'SEQUENCE')

It’s caused by the Describe Context Option of Code Assistant. To disable it:
Tools > Preferences > Code Assistant and disable the “Describe Context” option.

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TPS Chart on PL/SQL Developer

Hi all,
Since last post, some people asked me about how to make the charts using PL/SQL Developer. It basically works for every kind of query/data, like MS Excel.
I’d recommend you to use with historic data, setting time as “X” axis.

Here the example for the post Oracle TPS: Evaluating Transaction per Second:


And get:


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