11g Feature: Fine Grained Dependency Tracking (FGDT)

Hi All!
I was reviewing some features in Oracle and, basically, every single time I review them I find something new. Seems Oracle Databases’ features are near to infinite and we frequently find some that can really add value to our solutions.

So I decided to make a serie of posts with really quick notes about each one of them.
You can see all posts in this serie in my page of posts and some others more.

Ready? Here it goes:

11g Feature: Fine Grained Dependency Tracking (FGDT)

In previous versions, object dependencies were managed at the object level. This way, altering an object automatically invalidated all dependent objects.
Oracle 11g has more granular dependency management, so only changes that directly affect an object will cause an invalidation.

This is not a Feature under control of Dev or DBA, but I judged important to mention here, as per has important impact to development and deployment processes.

More details can be found here: http://www.orafaq.com/node/2683

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