PL/Scope – Did you know that?

Hi All!
I decided to make a serie of posts with really quick notes about some really awesome features we simply don’t use. Today’s one is about PL/Scope.
You can see all posts in this serie in my page of posts and some others more.

Ready? Here it goes:


PL/Scope is a tool that gathers information about user defined identifiers at compile time. Collection of PL/Scope data is controlled by the PLSCOPE_SETTINGS parameter, which has a default setting of “IDENTIFIERS:NONE”. To enable collection, switch value to “IDENTIFIERS:ALL”. The data is stored in the SYSAUX tablespace, this space needs to be well planned and managed..

The PL/Scope data is available from the %_IDENTIFIERS views. The following query displays data gathered during the compilation of a test procedure:

SELECT LPAD(' ', level*2, ' ') || name AS name, type, usage, usage_id, line, col
FROM   user_identifiers
START WITH usage_context_id = 0
CONNECT BY PRIOR usage_id = usage_context_id;

NAME                           TYPE               USAGE         USAGE_ID       LINE        COL
------------------------------ ------------------ ----------- ---------- ---------- ----------
  TEST_PLSCOPE                 PROCEDURE          DECLARATION          1          1         11
    TEST_PLSCOPE               PROCEDURE          DEFINITION           2          1         11
      P_IN                     FORMAL IN          DECLARATION          3          1         25
      L_VAR                    VARIABLE           DECLARATION          4          2          3
      L_VAR                    VARIABLE           ASSIGNMENT           5          4          3
        P_IN                   FORMAL IN          REFERENCE            6          4         12
      L_VAR                    VARIABLE           ASSIGNMENT           7          6          3
        L_VAR                  VARIABLE           REFERENCE            8          6         12

8 rows selected.

(this script was taken from here)

Some additional information about it: The documentation states that some identifiers will not listed unless the STANDARD package is recompiled after the PLSCOPE_SETTINGS parameter is set properly. However there is some opening community discussions about invalidation of basic procedures not being revalidated again, even on use of urlrp procedure. This way, we don’t recommend to use it directly on Production environment without validating before in an equivalent environment and taking all caution measures as possible.

Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

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