Roundtable: How are Databases adapting to Cloud architectures? – THANKS!

Hi all!
I just need to thank you all for the attendance on yesterday’s Round Table event!

We had over 130 individuals in presence plus dozens following the live on YourTube. It was great to have the discussions and also to count on your questions and support.

I need also to thanks for SETREM space and support, specially Franzéli Kaspari and Prof. Valsênio Gaelzer for all the efforts on making it happen. Also for both other members of round table Simone Kosmalski, Cristiano Goelzer and Jonas Pacheco who attended physically and participated on discussions.

I’d also specially want to thank Ricardo Gonzalez for attending remotely from over 10kkm our event. Thanks Ricardo!

Hope to join you guys soon again in a second round.


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