ACE Director Announcement

Hello all!
I’m proud to announce that last August 2nd Oracle promoted me from Oracle ACE to Oracle ACE Director!

And for this I can only thank:

  • ACE Program and Community itself for challenging me on this, which I discovered to be a passion after a while.
  • Friends and family for all your support and encouragement on literally every single step of this journey.
  • GREPORA and all our fellow authors on making it great on Community.
  • Pythian for all great team mates and encouragement regarding community programs.

But what is an Oracle ACE?

The Oracle ACE Program highlights excellence within the global Oracle community by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated both technical skill and strong credentials as enthusiasts and community advocates.

There are 3 levels of (active) Oracle ACEs:
ACE Associate: The entry level.
ACE: Proficient Community Advocate.
ACE Director: Expert Community Advocate.

To learn more about the program, visit Oracle ACE Program – FAQ

I’m glad to say I have covered all those steps (, ) to be where I am right now.
Also, I got originally nominated in 3 Expertises: Database Management & Performance, Cloud, MySQL.

Some additional facts:

  • I’m the first Brazilian ACE Cloud.
  •  I’m the actual youngest ACE Director in the world.
  • I’m the only ACE Director living in Brazil.

In summary, I just want to share my happiness on having this logo now on with you all.

Thanks for all your support!


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