NoSQL Brasil 2019! October 5th!

Hi all,
Just passing by to remind you: Don’t lose this chance!

We’ll have a great and unique event in Brasil to discuss NoSQL Solutions and I will be there too! Didn’t know? Check all about NoSQL Brasil here!

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When? October 5th, 2019!

Where? FIAP Auditorium. 1222, Lins de Vasconcelos Av. São Paulo-SP.

Complete Agenda? Here!

How to confirm me presence? >>>Click here<<<<!

The team of speakers is awesome: Otavio Santana, Gonzalo Urday, Leandro Domingues and Igor de Paula. I’m glad to be among those exponents, sharing about Oracle NoSQL.

My session will be “Oracle NoSQL 101 for Oracle RDBMS DBAs“, where I’ll be sharing specifically from a RDBMS DBA perspective: What are the advantages of NoSQL in comparison to classic RDBMSs? How to integrate traditional data with new NoSQL structures? This session compares Oracle NoSQL with solutions for different proposes like Document, Columnar, Key-Value, Cache Systems e Graph databases, besides explore concepts like Data Integration and Oracle Maximum Availability (MAA) for Oracle NoSQL.

See you there!

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