GoldenGate: RAC One Node Archivelog Missing

The situation:

We have a GoldenGate on Allow Mode running some extracts on RAC One Node Database (reading the archivelogs). And then, suddenly, the instance crashes (network lost contact to the server) and the other instance (thread) was auto started by CRS. To the database no problems: The other node redologs was used during the startup recover and every thing is ok.

The application running with Weblogic serverpool and gridlink just had a little contention and continued the operation thought the started instance. The Goldengate switch was manually made, but some sequences was lost. What we found? the sequences was in the old thread’s redologfiles. It should be backed up if fast_start_mttr_target was different to zero. Buuut, the world is not so beautiful:

raconenodedb> show parameters mttr
fast_start_mttr_target integer 0

How we solved?
Simple solution: identified the group/thread and made a cp from ASM. The copied redolog was used as archivelog on goldengate and everything was ok.

raconenodedb> select sequence#,group#,thread# from v$log where thread#=2 order by 1;
---------- ---------- ----------
39636 6 2
39637 7 2
39638 8 2
39639 9 2
39640 10 2
ASMCMD> cp group_10.288.859482805 /oracle/grup10_thread2
copying +DGDATA/MYDB/ONLINELOG/group_10.288.859482805 -> /oracle/grup10_thread2

Easy like that.