Oracle Groundbreakers Yatra 2020 (AIOUG) – Online – CFP is Open!

Hi all,

Just sharing the word about this tour I always wanted to attend, maybe now it’s online I can be there!

It is going to happen from 1st -15th July 2020.

From the organization committee:

The health of All India Oracle Users Community (AIOUG) is our primary concern. Considering global precautions for the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and building upon recommendations from the World Health Organization, AIOUG is taking a new approach to its Oracle Groundbreaker Yatra event. The event is a highly concentrated 15-day collaboration and transformation while providing the deep technical education needed for our Indian Oracle Community.

We will accept papers on any topic related to Oracle Cloud, Oracle Database, Oracle Applications, Middleware, Engineered Systems, BigData, Virtualization and Servers, and Storage. Please follow the following guidelines to submit your papers.

Please note that presentations should not have sales or marketing content. This is a user’s conference and should have technical value to the attendees. Presentations containing any kind of sales or marketing information will be disqualified.

Important Dates for Speakers:

• Deadline to submit abstracts: 7th June 2020

• Approximate date you will be notified: 14th June 2020

How to submit a paper:

A simple process to fill following Google Form

Selection Process:

Once the CFP closes, the presentations will be selected by a panel of judges who have attended previous AIOUG events.


For questions regarding the Call for Proposals, send an e-mail to

I did mine submissions already!

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Live GUOB: Qual o Futuro do DBA?

O que você vai fazer amanhã a noite? Que tal participar de uma conversa sobre o futuro da sua profissão?

Amanhã (26/maio) a partir das 20:00 teremos um papo sobre expectativas pro futuro do DBA organizado pelo GUOB (Grupo de Usuários Oracle do Brasil).

Se já é difícil conseguir reunir essa galera topzera,  mais difícil ainda é poder participar do conforto do seu sofá. Não vai perder essa, hein!

Como participar? Basta ficar ligado no Canal do GUORS no Youtube!

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-23 at 16.21.49


Te vejo por lá!

Quer ser um Speaker no GUOB? Essa é sua chance!

Olá pessoALL!

Suponho que estejam todos familiarizados com o Tour de eventos Oracle na America Latina organizado anualmente pela LAOUC (Latin American Oracle Users Group Community) em parcerias com os grupos locais, organizado no Brasil pelo GUOB.

Por razões conhecidas, este ao o tour será e 100% online! E GRATUITO!

O Call for Papers está aberto para quem quiser submeter suas palestras.

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-18 at 20.53.47

Não havendo dias específicos para cada país, segue a expectativa de agenda para este ano:

Dia da Semana Dia do Mês Track
Segunda-Feira 17/08/2020 Database Track
Terça-Feira 18/08/2020 APEX track
Quarta-Feira 19/08/2020 Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning Track
Quinta-Feira 20/08/2020 Java Development Track
Sexta-Feira 21/08/2020 Cloud-Native Track
Segunda-Feira 24/08/2020 IoT, Chatbots, Mobile Development Track
Terça-Feira 25/08/2020 Oracle Cloud Infrastructre
Quarta-Feira 26/08/2020 Java Development Track
Quinta-Feira 27/08/2020 Database Track

Sei que você tem algo a dizer!

Participa da comunidade e compartilha teu conhecimento!

Want to be a Speaker? This is your chance! Speak to entire Latin America in August!


Are you wondering how to become a Speaker? This is your golden ticket!

We are announcing the Call for Paper for LAOUC!

What is LAOUC? Well, this is an Oracle Users Groups Tour around Latin America where local communities engage their Oracle Professionals for a meeting discussion about experiences and technology. This is all organized by the LAOUC – Latin American Oracle Users Group Community with the local user’s groups (GUOB – Brazilian Oracle User Group in the case of Brazil, for instance).

In general, we have people from other countries and continents doing a crossover to increase the value of any discussions. And if this is your case, even better this year!

With all this COVID thing, this year’s tour will be 100% online! AND FREE!

Click HERE or in the image below to submit your papers!


Here is the expected tracking agenda for the Tour:

Weekday Month Day Track
Monday August 17th Database Track
Tuesday August 18th APEX track
Wednesday August 19th Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning Track
Thursday August 20th Java Development Track
Friday August 21th Cloud-Native Track
Monday August 24th IoT, Chatbots, Mobile Development Track
Tuesday August 25th Oracle Cloud Infrastructre
Wednesday August 26th Java Development Track
Thursday August 27th Database Track

Things I use to hear:

“I’m shy” / “I don’t have have a topic” / “I never did it before”:

  • You’ll never know if you never try.
  • If you know anything that is interesting or others may appreciate knowing, you HAVE a topic.
  • If you are not experienced, you have time to become. Make your session a few times for friends, colleagues at work, and so on.

“How to prepare?”

  • Have a topic and know what you want to share about it.
  • Prepare your material in a way you’d like to see it: Be dynamic, be quick, be objective.
  • Try, try and try: Measure the time, present it a couple times, know what people like more or less regarding what you speak.

Still have questions? Be my guest: Reach me out and I’ll see how I can help you with this.

Take this chance!

New slots for FREE OCI Certifications exams are OPEN!

Breaking news all!

New slots for the OCI free exam certifications are open, the earliest that I saw a opening was on July 6th, even the less we now have more time to study and no charge at all!

Click on the link  to book your exam for free.

In the last week all slots for the exams were full and I tried to schedule one for me but could not find any stop until May 15th which this program would end but now they are open but dont know until when so rush and schedule yours while they are available.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Last March 30th , it was announced that OCI training and certification exams were free for 6 OCI related programs.

This lo’s of people are taking advantage of it as you have quality training (not enough for the certification alone but I will get to it), and most important the with no exam fee.

The trainings are good, video recordings similar to the ones I mentioned here in this post. Why I say it is not enough, because you have access only to the videos, not to any E-Kit related material which is complementary to the training so if you want to practice and get a bit deeper, which you will need if you want to pass, you will have to do some digging on your own.

I managed to take 2 certifications Autonomous Database Specialist and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Associate. I scheduled 2 more as they are for July I will have time to prepare for them.

Also please read the OCI related FAQ for this program which will clear several points, like you have one free change per exam and If you schedule an exam directly through the Pearson VUE website, you won’t receive this discount.

Hope it helps and good luck

Elisson Almeida

GUORS: I Encontro de Usuários Oracle do RS 2020 (Online)

Olá pessoal,

Teremos evento dos GUORS no primeiro semestre, como de costume!

Porém desta vez será online!

Será no dia 21/5 (quinta-feira) as 20:00.
Onde? No conforto de sua casa!

Contaremos com a presença ilustre do Oracle ACE Marcus Vinicius falando sobre OCI for Oracle DBA’s: Introduction and Key Concepts.

Nessa sessão o nosso convidado falará sobre o OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), conceitos-chave e os desafios de um DBA Oracle na conversão de sua carreira para arquiteto Cloud a partir da perspectiva de quem vive esta experiência cotidianamente.

O Marcus Vinicius é DBA Oracle Sênior, Oracle ACE e possui diversas certificações em Bancos de Dados Oracle. Possui mais de 15 anos de experiência na área. Foi professor de pós-graduação no curso “MBA em Administração de Banco de Dados Oracle” no Veris IBTA, unidades de São Paulo e Campinas. Foi também DBA Oracle e Gerente de Operações na Discover Technology e Consultor Oracle Sênior na Oracle (ACS). Atualmente é Consultor Oracle Sênior na Accenture Enkitec Group. Também é conselheiro técnico do GUOB. Mantém um blog sobre Oracle há mais de 10 anos – (não deixa de conhecer o Blog do Vini também!).

Não vai perder essa né?

Faça a sua inscrição AQUI!

Cloud computing

Virtual Conference: Systematic Oracle SQL Optimization in 2020 (Review)

Hi all,

I’m here for a review and for a tip: Please don’t miss it in case those guys decide to do it again!

It was a really great conference, with a lot of really valuable sessions with real content.

I’ll just share the agenda so you can imagine by yourself. There is more in

Day 1 Speaker Topic
11:00-11:15 Tanel Welcome & Introduction
11:15-12:30 Cary A Richer Understanding of Software Performance
12:30-13:00 Slack Break/Q&A/Chat
13:00-14:30 Jonathan Trouble-shooting with Execution Plans
14:30-15:00 All Speakers Panel: What Has Changed in 10 Years and What Has Not


Day 2 Speaker Topic
11:00-11:15 Kerry How to Stay Relevant
11:15-12:30 Tanel Scripts and Tools for Optimizing SQL Execution and Indexing
12:30-13:00 Slack Break/Q&A/Chat
13:00-14:30 Mauro Chase the Optimizer Every Step of the Way
14:30-15:00 All Speakers Panel: What Will Change in the Next 10 Years


Thanks guys for organizing such a great ending of the week. You are the best!

Webinar: How to Get Access to Exadata for Testing (Portuguese)

É amanhã! Não vai perder esse Webinar Free com o Oracle ACE Franky Weber Faust!

Descubra como ter acesso ao seu próprio banco de dados disponível a qualquer momento num Exadata para poder testar smart scan, hybrid columnar compression, storage indexes, entre outros recursos do Exadata. Vamos ver alguns casos práticos de smart scan, storage indexes e HCC. Testes ao vivo, tudo pode acontecer…

Quando: Terça-feira – 03/03/2020 19:30 BRT (AMANHÃ!)
Realização: GUOB
Palestrante: Franky Weber Faust

Evento ao vivo – Vagas limitadas!

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-28 at 06.54.38