Want to be a Speaker? This is your chance! Speak to entire Latin America in August!


Are you wondering how to become a Speaker? This is your golden ticket!

We are announcing the Call for Paper for LAOUC!

What is LAOUC? Well, this is an Oracle Users Groups Tour around Latin America where local communities engage their Oracle Professionals for a meeting discussion about experiences and technology. This is all organized by the LAOUC – Latin American Oracle Users Group Community with the local user’s groups (GUOB – Brazilian Oracle User Group in the case of Brazil, for instance).

In general, we have people from other countries and continents doing a crossover to increase the value of any discussions. And if this is your case, even better this year!

With all this COVID thing, this year’s tour will be 100% online! AND FREE!

Click HERE or in the image below to submit your papers!


Here is the expected tracking agenda for the Tour:

Weekday Month Day Track
Monday August 17th Database Track
Tuesday August 18th APEX track
Wednesday August 19th Big Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning Track
Thursday August 20th Java Development Track
Friday August 21th Cloud-Native Track
Monday August 24th IoT, Chatbots, Mobile Development Track
Tuesday August 25th Oracle Cloud Infrastructre
Wednesday August 26th Java Development Track
Thursday August 27th Database Track

Things I use to hear:

“I’m shy” / “I don’t have have a topic” / “I never did it before”:

  • You’ll never know if you never try.
  • If you know anything that is interesting or others may appreciate knowing, you HAVE a topic.
  • If you are not experienced, you have time to become. Make your session a few times for friends, colleagues at work, and so on.

“How to prepare?”

  • Have a topic and know what you want to share about it.
  • Prepare your material in a way you’d like to see it: Be dynamic, be quick, be objective.
  • Try, try and try: Measure the time, present it a couple times, know what people like more or less regarding what you speak.

Still have questions? Be my guest: Reach me out and I’ll see how I can help you with this.

Take this chance!

GUORS: I Encontro de Usuários Oracle do RS 2020 (Online)

Olá pessoal,

Teremos evento dos GUORS no primeiro semestre, como de costume!

Porém desta vez será online!

Será no dia 21/5 (quinta-feira) as 20:00.
Onde? No conforto de sua casa!

Contaremos com a presença ilustre do Oracle ACE Marcus Vinicius falando sobre OCI for Oracle DBA’s: Introduction and Key Concepts.

Nessa sessão o nosso convidado falará sobre o OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), conceitos-chave e os desafios de um DBA Oracle na conversão de sua carreira para arquiteto Cloud a partir da perspectiva de quem vive esta experiência cotidianamente.

O Marcus Vinicius é DBA Oracle Sênior, Oracle ACE e possui diversas certificações em Bancos de Dados Oracle. Possui mais de 15 anos de experiência na área. Foi professor de pós-graduação no curso “MBA em Administração de Banco de Dados Oracle” no Veris IBTA, unidades de São Paulo e Campinas. Foi também DBA Oracle e Gerente de Operações na Discover Technology e Consultor Oracle Sênior na Oracle (ACS). Atualmente é Consultor Oracle Sênior na Accenture Enkitec Group. Também é conselheiro técnico do GUOB. Mantém um blog sobre Oracle há mais de 10 anos – https://www.viniciusdba.com.br/blog (não deixa de conhecer o Blog do Vini também!).

Não vai perder essa né?

Faça a sua inscrição AQUI!

Cloud computing

Oracle Container for Kubernetes Hands-On – Porto Alegre

Hello all!

I’m happy to announce here the next Meetup in Porto Alegre speaking over Oracle Container for Kubernetes  and how Oracle works with Cloud Native.

The meeting will be conducted by Diogo Shibata, from Oracle.

Next October 2nd!

ATTIVE Coworking – Rua Carlos Gardel nº 55 – Bela Vista – Porto Alegre

Cost? FREE
Just confirm you presence here.

IMPORTANT: bring your laptop.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-23 at 22.54.55.jpeg


10th GUOB Tech Day!

Hello all,

I’m very happy to share about and to be part of  the next GUOB Tech Day in São Paulo-SP/Brazil on next August 10th, as part of LAOUC OTN Tour.


Speakers da Oracle confirmed on event:

Directly from Oracle:

  • Mike Dietrich: Master Product Manager on Database Upgrade / Migration team.
  • Anil Nair: Product Manager de RAC.
  • Sandesh Rao: VP – Autonomous Database Health e Machine Learning.
  • Ricardo Gonzalez: Cloud Migration Product Manager.
  • Nirmala Sundarappa: Java/DB Product Manager.

Besides them some global references like: Franck Pachot, Gustavo Gonzalez, Rolando Carrasco.

Complete Agenda, here!

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Roundtable: How are Databases Adapting to New Cloud Architectures?

Hi all!
Stay sharp, it’s confirmed event for next 27th evening Brazilian Time. If you around Três de Maio, hope you can make it in person!
Otherwise, we are looking forward to record and share session, still evaluating streaming options and requirements.

Note Grepora is sponsoring this roundtable, so count with you all!
Oh, it will be fully in portuguese. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Event: Round Table: “How are Databases Adapting to New Cloud Architectures”
Date: 27/6/2019 19:30 BRT (18:30 EST) to 21:00 (20:00 EST)
Estimated Duration: 1:30 hours

We count with great names, see below:


See you there, cheers!