UYOUG 2019 Review

Hello all!

This year I had the privilege of attending Montevideo Groundbreakers edition for the fist time! This event is organized by UYOUG. And here goes my thank you and my congratulations to Nelson, Edelweiss, Daniel and Pablo for the great reception and event organization!

There I had the pleasure deliver a session telling a story about a project I have handled recently: ODBCS+OGG+Standby in Cloud: Building an Elastic Environment for your Business.


What I think? I can’t wait for the next one! Besides the great friends we met, it’s amazing to discuss such relevant topics with specialists on the area.

Thanks for everything, Montevideo and UYOUG! See you soon!


Roundtable: How are Databases Adapting to New Cloud Architectures?

Hi all!
Stay sharp, it’s confirmed event for next 27th evening Brazilian Time. If you around TrĂŞs de Maio, hope you can make it in person!
Otherwise, we are looking forward to record and share session, still evaluating streaming options and requirements.

Note Grepora is sponsoring this roundtable, so count with you all!
Oh, it will be fully in portuguese. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Event: Round Table: “How are Databases Adapting to New Cloud Architectures”
Date: 27/6/2019 19:30 BRT (18:30 EST) to 21:00 (20:00 EST)
Estimated Duration: 1:30 hours

We count with great names, see below:


See you there, cheers!

BGOUG: Last Day to Register!

Hello all,

TODAY (May 27th) is the final date to register for the BGOUG Spring Conference on June 7th-9th!

The conference agenda and registration packages are available at the event web page.

Register HERE and book your preferred conference package and present.

Don’t miss this chance to see all the awesome sessions and speakers, see you there!