Why Independent Software Vendors Run Their Applications on OCI

What’s it about?
A move to the cloud is imminent for almost every business. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are in a position to both make that transition and to guide their customers in this critical shift. To be successful and to grow, businesses need a cloud platform that is open, scalable, secure, flexible, and highly performant, not to mention competitively priced.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers unrivaled performance, flexible consumption models and deployment options at unmatched prices. ISVs deploying and scaling mission critical business applications in the cloud benefit from Oracle’s globally-consistent pricing model and comprehensive SLAs that cover performance, manageability and availability.

Event highlights:

    * Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the next-generation cloud.

    * Hear from key ISV partners on how they were able to successfully scale and seamlessly migrate their applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

    * Discover how you can join the Oracle ecosystem of ISV partners on a mission to modernize your applications in the cloud.

January 19, 2021
9:00am - 9:02am
  • Dave Profozich
    Senior Vice President, North America ISV Ecosystem, Oracle
    9:02am - 9:04am
Partner Spotlight
Hear from one of our ISV Partners as they share how their business scaled during unprecedented times, lowering overall costs and surpassed performance expectations due to moving their key workloads to the Oracle Cloud.
Keynote: Why ISVs are Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Dave Profozich
    Senior Vice President, North America ISV Ecosystem, Oracle
    Oracle Executive Dave Profozich discusses why Independent Software Vendors (ISV) are leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for unmatched price-performance, unified data management, comprehensive SLAs and other innovative services to deliver superior value to their customers.
    9:16am - 9:31am
Partner Success: The Benefits of Choosing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • David Hicks
    Vice President Worldwide ISV Business Development, Oracle.
    Learn why three Oracle ISVs chose to move their applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
    9:31am - 9:46am
How ISVs Build Applications on OCI
  • Karan Batta
    Global Vice President, Engineering, Oracle
    Hear Karan Batta explore the capabilities an ISV needs to build their SaaS products on OCI to scale to millions of users globally. Additionally, he digs into the capabilities that differentiate Oracle from other public cloud providers and how Oracle can help make that migration seamless.
    9:46am - 9:51am
Getting Started and Next Steps
  • Dave Profozich Senior Vice President, North America ISV Ecosystem, Oracle
    Learn about Oracle Programs & Resources for ISVs.
Event Speakers
Dave Profozich
Dave Profozich
Senior Vice President, North America ISV Ecosystem, Oracle
David Hicks
David Hicks
Vice President Worldwide ISV Business Development, Oracle
Karan Batta
Karan Batta
Global Vice President, Engineering, Oracle

5 out of 6 OCI Certifications – Impressions and Experience

Hi all,

Not long ago the was a program by Oracle which gave access to PCI training and certification for free. As several people still wanted to take their chance on the exams, there were an extension on with more openings. I blogged about it here

During the last days studying for the OCI free certifications. Well, let´s say that I procrastinated a bit and along with moving countries with my family, COVID the lockdown and all that comes with it, I managed to pass on 5 out of the 6 OCI certifications that are available, I did not enroll on the Dev one once I knew that Kubernetes and OCI Functions were the type of beast that I was not planning to tackle.

Here are they in order:

And yes I did the Architect Professional prior the Architect Associate, let´s call a miss on schedule from my part – to say the least.

I did all video trainings and some more than one time and read a lot of the documentation. Also asked to collegues and peers how the exams were as soon as I saw they passed in the exams that I was aamin to.

While not working with cloud nor with OCI every day I knew that I needed to put a few extra hours but it not that big of a deal. so if you dont work with cloud and want to get in the game, you sure can do it. Oracle has the free trial and the always free tier that you can levarage from. Mine expired in the middle of the studing so I needed to get creative with the demos that are avaliable and on the last day prior my last exam I was able to get access to my corp´s tenancy (thanks a lot guys) to resolve some cases which I still needed.

The demos from the trainings are not 100% specialy on the Database service side. I was expecting more, there are great demos from Rohit Rahi and Flávio Pereira and others. So I strong recommand that you follow along. My tip goes to increasing the video speed to 1.5x That really helped my to get focus and to move a bit faster to get all done prior each exam.

My scores ranged from 74% upt to 92% and in my opnion the Architect Associate was the most dificult due its questions type not the content it self. As most of the questions were specific to OCI features and services and not related to desing, some trick questions- To me these make the exams less enjoyable. I had no OCI CLI questions which I though It would be also covered.

I would like to thank my family to put up with me for the last week of testing and to Oracle and Oracle Cloud teams which providded the trainings and the exams vouchers.



Elisson Almeida

Getting started with Oracle Cloud – OCI

Hi all, this one is a quick one 🙂
I’m starting the Oracle Cloud journey, a bit late but still have time right?

The Oracle cloud has being improving and adding new features lately.

To get started on it, you can, as I am :-), watching these youtube series

OCI Level 100 on YouTube
OCI Level 200 on YouTube

Hope it helps on the your Oracle cloud journey!

Elisson Almeida