ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi]

Hi all,

So, some time ago I starter receiving an internal error “ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi]” from a client’s database. Everything was up and running fine, but an ORA-600 is always an ORA-600.

Investigating on issue, found it can be related to a several issues as per MOS ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] (Doc ID 1346009.1):

Bug Fixed Description
17831758, ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] in Qnnn background process
20987661 QMON slave processes reporting ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi]
18591240,, ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] is seen immediately after ORA-1089
18536720, ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] processing History IOT in AQ
16204151, ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] when subscriber is dropped pending enqueue/dequeue
12423122, ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] when scheduler uses AQ

In my situation it was a match to the QMON slave processes issue, the only one was not resolved on 12.1 yet (My DB is 12.1, bad luck?), as per MOS Bug 20987661 – QMON slave processes reporting ORA-600 [kwqitnmphe:ltbagi] (Doc ID 20987661.8).

It is fixed in, by now. For 12.1 we have a temporary workaround:

As sysdba:

   po dbms_aqadm.aq$_purge_options_t;
     po.block := FALSE;
       queue_table     => 'SYS.SYS$SERVICE_METRICS_TAB',
       purge_condition => NULL,
       purge_options   => po);

Hope it helps!