Grepping Entries from Alert.log

Hey hey,
One more McGayver by me! Haha
Again to find some information in alert. This time, I’m looking to count and list all occurrences of an action in alert. To archive this, I made the script below.


The functionality is just a little bit more complex than the script of the last post, but stills quite simple. Take a look:

PAR1: name of alert (the main alert.log)
PAR2: Searched token
PAR3: Start day you want to, in the format “Mon dd” or just “Mon”. Below an example.
PAR4: Start Year (4 digits)
PAR5: [optional]End day you want to, in the format “Mon dd” or just “Mon”. The default value is “until now”.
PAR6: [optional]End Year (4 digits). The default value is “until now”. If you use the PAR5, you have to use PAR6.
PAR7: [optional] List All entries and when?. If you want to use this PAR, you must to use PAR5 and PAR6.

Examples (Looking for service reconfigurations):
Ex1: sh alert_xxdb_1.log “services=” “Apr 12” 2015
(Seach between April 12 and now and count entries).
Ex2: sh alert_xxdb_1.log “services=” “Apr 01” 2015 “May 30” 2015
(Seach between April 01 and May 30 and count the entries).
Ex3: sh alert_xxdb_1.log “services=” “Apr 01” 2015 “May 30” 2015 LIST
(Seach between April 01 and May 30 and count the entries and list them all…)

# Script
if [ $# -lt 6 ]; then
FIN=`cat $1 |wc -l`
else FIN=`cat $1 |grep -n $5 |grep $6$ |head -n 1 |cut -d':' -f1`
BEG=`cat $1 |grep -n "$3" |grep $4$ |head -n 1 |cut -d':' -f1`
NMB=`expr $FIN - $BEG`
ENTR=`cat $1 |head -n $FIN |tail -$NMB| grep $2|wc -l`
echo Number of Entries: $ENTR >log.log
if [ $# -lt 7 ]; then
echo ------- Complete List Of Entries and When ---------- >> log.log
for line in `cat $1 |head -n $FIN |tail -$NMB| grep -n $2|cut -d':' -f1`;do
LR=`expr $line + $BEG` # To get "real line", without the displacement
DAT=`expr $LR - 1`     # To get line date of entry
echo awk \'NR==$DAT\' $1 >> # Printing the lines just calculted
echo awk \'NR==$LR\' $1 >>  # with
sh >>log.log
cat log.log

It’s not beautiful. But it works! 🙂

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