AIX: “WARNING: Heavy swapping observed on system in last 5 mins.”

Quick one today!

Having message below in your on AIX like this?

WARNING: Heavy swapping observed on system in last 5 mins. 
pct of memory swapped in [31.28%] pct of memory swapped out [3.81%]. 
Please make sure there is no memory pressure and the SGA and PGA are configured correctly. 
Look at DBRM trace file for more details.

Stand down, this issue is caused by unpublished Bug 11801934, mentioned in MOS False Swap Warning Messages Printed To Alert.log On AIX (Doc ID 1508575.1).

Basically happens because the v$osstat does not reflect proper stats for the swap space paging.

So, stay calm and see you next week!

Searching entries on Alert.log: A Better Way

Hi all!
As the oldest readers know, someday I had to found some entries in the alertlog and I had a really big log. So I jerrry-ringed some scripts for grepping alert with auxiliar files and etc.
I can see the posts here: Grepping Alert by Day  and Grepping Entries from Alert.log.

So… They are functional, but probably the worst ways to get it. I didn’t know and was innocent to not search by the view x$dbgalertext.
There is also possible to write on alert through the procedure SYS.DBMS_SYSTEM.KSDWRT.

Ok, so let me fix this situation with theese two good guys: @write_alert and @find_alert

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Alert Log: “Private Strand Flush Not Complete” on Logfile Switch

Hi all!
Just a curiosity: Have you ever noticed in a database alert log the occourance of the following message for every logfile switch:

Thread 1 cannot allocate new log, sequence 9281
Private strand flush not complete
  Current log# 5 seq# 9280 mem# 0: /db/u5001/oradata/GREPORADB/redo05a.log
Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 9281 (LGWR switch)
  Current log# 6 seq# 9281 mem# 0: /db/u5001/oradata/GREPORADB/redo06a.log

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