Failure unregister integrated extract

Some times it’s impossible to unregister Integrated Extract, however it need to exclude to avoid RMAN failures.

Follow below to hack GoldenGate registration:

SQL> select CAPTURE_NAME from dba_capture;


GGSCI (myhost as ggate@foodb) 13> unregister extract IE_CAPT database

ERROR OGG-08222 EXTRACT IE_CAPT must be registered with the database to perform this operation.

Try it:

SQL> select 'exec DBMS_CAPTURE_ADM.DROP_CAPTURE ('''||capture_name||''');' from dba_capture;



PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


ERROR OGG-02636 when creating a integrated extract in Goldengate 12C on a Puggable database 12C

While creating an integrated extract in Goldengate 12C on a Puggable database 12C I came across the follow error, stating that the needed catalog name is mandatory  and was not being informed.

ERROR OGG-02636 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, ext1.prm: The TABLE specification ‘TABLE table_name’ for the source table ‘table_name’ does not include a catalog name. The database requires a catalog name.

There is two ways to solve this case: The first , besides less indicated, is to add the name of pluggable database (Catalog) before the owner name on the table maps, for example:

GGSCI ( 1> edit param ext1


Not really enjoying this solution and after searching for long hours without any other result , our friend Maiquel DC indicated a parameter that identifies the catalog name for all tables in the extract ;

Add the following parameter in extract  configuration file:

GGSCI ( 1> edit param ext1



Thats all folks.

TPS Chart on PL/SQL Developer

Hi all,
Since last post, some people asked me about how to make the charts using PL/SQL Developer. It basically works for every kind of query/data, like MS Excel.
I’d recommend you to use with historic data, setting time as “X” axis.

Here the example for the post Oracle TPS: Evaluating Transaction per Second:


And get:


PL/SQL Developer  is a commercial tool of Allround Automations.
You can access more information about licensing here.

Have a nice day!