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100th Post!

Just to keep on track: This is the 100th post!

It has been a great pleasure to be sharing and learning with you all along.
Thanks to all followers, readers and collaborators!

100 anniversary

1 Year!

With some late, I’d like to remember that last 29 we commemorate 1 year from the first post! ūüėÄ

In this year some changes happened. We oscillated by times with more and times with less posts basically by my own obligation with other activities. Then, we had a big change: In November, the MatheusDBA Blog turned to and some new authors arrived… It just shows how¬†we grow up and how we quickly become much better in just a few months!

I’d like to thank and congratulate Cassiano, Dieison, Maiquel, Jackson, Will and most recently (not even have profile) Fabr√≠cio to join me in this blog and make it bigger than¬†us!

In this year was 76 posts, over 4.000 views from 100 different countries and over 400 references/shares in another sites!

We’d like to thank specially¬†Brasil, EUA, India, UK, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and Holland, the top-ten readers. ūüôā

Thanks you for reading this and feel free to contribute and follow us for 2016 and ahead!

Have a nice day and a great 2016 to we all!
Let’s elevate¬†these statistics even more! ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

News about the Blog!

If you used to follow MatheusDBA blog, you may have¬†noticed that the URL, name and categories changed this week. The reason is that the blog is passing to a new moment. But don’t worry, it’s just to become better than already is.

A few friends and I decided to join our blogs in one, and centralize the posts. As result, you can expect more frequently posts, different styles of posting and other subjects like GoldenGate, Fusion Middleware and Exadata covered more deeply.


Please, take a look on “About” section to more information about the change.
Also look at¬†“Members” to know the new authors.

I’m going to continue blogging here, at
The URL is now beeing used as my personal website.

I Hope you like it!
Cheers to new phase!

Best wishes,

GrepOra Team

As already spoken, we are a group of friends that are crazy enough to share our experiences with you and with Oracle community as a payback of our own consumption.

In the next pages you are going to see some of our background and brief description professionally talking. So, by now, we are only going to share some photos of our occasional meetings.

(Maiquel, Matheus, Cassiano, Jackson, Dieison and Rafael)
(First GrepOra meeting)

(Maiquel, Rafael, Jackson, Matheus, Dieison and Cassiano)
(Last GrepOra Meeting – by now)

And this is it!
We hope you enjoy the book and the experience.

Let us know what you think about the book and the blog. Reach us out in social media like LinkedIn and Twitter. Collaborate and engage to Community!


About the Book


Welcome to our book, our blog and our world to have fun and view/review/learn/laugh with some of our struggles and personal notes for ourselves in the future.

Those posts are basically our notes with some of ours discovers and tips to review in the future. I believe everyone who works with that kind of technology have some personal notes, right? So, ours are being published to share with you.

We believe in sharing and mutual growing, so feel free to reach us to share your notes and tips, to fix anything you think to be wrong or can be better explained or everything. This is not only GrepOra team’s blog. This is¬†our¬†blog. Which includes you.

Ok then. But we are publishing a book? Just why? Who is the target audience? How should I read it? How is it structured? What should I expect?


This week we are completing 2 Years since the blog was created (in that time, called MatheusDBA). And we decided to¬†review our best moments in these last years and compile them for you. It’s, above all, a good opportunity to refresh some posts that are¬†still actual.

For who:

We are compiling it as a best moments review to engage new readers with the best past posts and reach that readers that enjoy to read a book in their mobile reading devices. Actually, we believe that¬†writing material for this kind of media is the future (or the present), so if you prefer¬†to read PDF files in you Kindle, Ipad, or similar, specially for those who prefer the offline mode to not being bothered by social media notifications, instant messages and other: This is for you. ūüôā

How to read:

This is a book generated by the best posts in the blog. If you read the blog you know that the posts are not continuos and mostly have not relation between them. So, this is a book to read some curiosities and tips, to learn and review some useful stuff and to be aware about some daily basis challenges and struggles on working with Oracle technologies. This is not a book to be read in sequence, chapters or something like this. Feel free to read whatever you want and whatever you feel it’s interesting for yourself and to get richer your own experience with Oracle techs… Simple like that.

The structure:

There is no boundaries for our posts and ideas. Of course we have specialities, but everyone can write about everything. So there is no chapters of any restrictedly fixed boundaries. However, to give a little sense, we kind of organized the posts by following this (using our blog categories):

  • Oracle Database, RAC and Dataguard;
  • ASM;
  • Datapump, RMAN, Exp/Imp;
  • Enterprise Manager;
  • Application and Middleware;
  • Golden Gate and Data Integrator;
  • Linux and Shellscripts;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Heterogeneous Databases;
  • Web Development and APEX;
  • PL/SQL and SQL Scripts;
  • Errors and Bugs.

What to expect:

Basically: “To read some curiosities and tips, to learn and review some useful stuff and to be aware about some daily basis challenges and struggles on working with Oracle technologies”. But mostly: To have fun! This is a book written by Oracle geeks to Oracle geeks.

Welcome to our world!

Author: Cassiano Roloff

20151217100542Innovative in everything he does, Cassiano acts as Oracle DBA since 2007 and works everyday with APEX since 2009. Cassiano is a great teammate and is always willing to help someone and learn new things.

Below you can find his Certifications list.


Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional – OCP 10g
Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associate – OCA 10g

Author: Jackson Costa

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaldaaaajdq1mjnjowy3lwjkmjytngqwns05njq2ltu0nzzlmdblmtrimqFocused on Fusion Middleware and Application technologies, Jack is friend of everyone and always available to reach out the others. Jack has good architecture comprehension and skills to manage solutions on different technologies.



Author: Rafael Nolio

rafael3Passionate Database Administrator, experienced as consultant on heterogeneous environments and always trying new ways to do everything. Great as teammate, Rafael is always available to discuss new ideas and innovation.

Below you can find his Certifications list.


Oracle DBA Certified Associate 11g
Oracle Specialist Implementation Certified 11g

Author: Dieison Santos

dieisonProfessional in the IT area since 2006, working with Oracle applications and database. Solid experience in installation, customization and performance tuning of Fusion Middleware products.

Below you can find his Certifications list.

linkedin-logo_318-50643 htps://

Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g System Administrator