First OTN Article!

Hi all!
This week is being really good! Three days ago, this blog was recognized as OTN blog, now I found my article about Oracle Database Backup to Cloud was published in OTN LA Articles! ūüėÄ

Click in the image to see the full article (in portuguese):

Captura de Tela 2016-06-09 aŐÄs 22.28.03.png

Go on and take a look!
Besides it, there are other very good articles by Latin America Community…

I’d like to thank OTN LA, Community and specially GrepOra friends to supporting me in that kind of stuffs. Thank you all!

Have a nice day! is now an OTN LA Blog!

Hi all!
We are pretty happy to be recognized by OTN LA (Oracle Technology Network РLatin America) as a technical reference blog in Database Management and Performance category:

imagem2(Click here to access this page)

So, for now on, you can see this logo in our right bar/menu.


Thanks for all your support and visits! ūüôā



Contact us!

Hi all!
Do you have any question about a post? Do you have a suggestion to improve the blog? Is there any subject you like to see in a post?
Please, let us know!

For now on, there is a link in the right menu (below Categories) to send us an email. Feel free to contribute and ask.

Have a nice day!

100th Post!

Just to keep on track: This is the 100th post!

It has been a great pleasure to be sharing and learning with you all along.
Thanks to all followers, readers and collaborators!

100 anniversary

1 Year!

With some late, I’d like to remember that last 29 we commemorate 1 year from the first post! ūüėÄ

In this year some changes happened. We oscillated by times with more and times with less posts basically by my own obligation with other activities. Then, we had a big change: In November, the MatheusDBA Blog turned to and some new authors arrived… It just shows how¬†we grow up and how we quickly become much better in just a few months!

I’d like to thank and congratulate Cassiano, Dieison, Maiquel, Jackson, Will and most recently (not even have profile) Fabr√≠cio to join me in this blog and make it bigger than¬†us!

In this year was 76 posts, over 4.000 views from 100 different countries and over 400 references/shares in another sites!

We’d like to thank specially¬†Brasil, EUA, India, UK, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and Holland, the top-ten readers. ūüôā

Thanks you for reading this and feel free to contribute and follow us for 2016 and ahead!

Have a nice day and a great 2016 to we all!
Let’s elevate¬†these statistics even more! ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

News about the Blog!

If you used to follow MatheusDBA blog, you may have¬†noticed that the URL, name and categories changed this week. The reason is that the blog is passing to a new moment. But don’t worry, it’s just to become better than already is.

A few friends and I decided to join our blogs in one, and centralize the posts. As result, you can expect more frequently posts, different styles of posting and other subjects like GoldenGate, Fusion Middleware and Exadata covered more deeply.


Please, take a look on “About” section to more information about the change.
Also look at¬†“Members” to know the new authors.

I’m going to continue blogging here, at
The URL is now beeing used as my personal website.

I Hope you like it!
Cheers to new phase!

Best wishes,
Matheus. at GUOB 2015!

Hi all!
It was a great pleasure to me beeing with the starts in GUOB Tech Day 2015 РLA OTN Tour, event organized by GUOB (Grupo de Usuários Oracle РBrasil). This year we had the opportunity to get in touch with Kerry Osborne, Tim Hall, Alex Gorbachev, Mike Dietrich, Francisco Alvarez and others well known in Oracle world. We had also a speech by Alex Zaballa, our fresh and first Brazilian Oracle ACE Director.

One of the bests speeches, by Kerry Osborne, is also available on his site, here. Take a look!

I know, we are a little bit ugly, but is valid for the moment:

guob3(Rafael Nolio – GrepOra, William Fagundes, Rodrigo Jorge and Matheus Boesing – GrepOra)

Recently, GUOB organization team released some videos from the best presentations. Below:

Kerry Osborne
Tim Hall
Mike Dietrich

So, this is it!
See you on GUOB Tech Day 2016!