2nd GUORS Meeting – 2018

Hello all!

Just passing by to remember you about the next GUORS Meeting to take place tomorrow!
Best news? It’s all free. Come and let’s discuss a bit about Oracle technology!


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13:15 – 18:00 BRT

Auditório Talento Empreendedor – Tecnopuc Predio 96I


Start End What
13:15 13:45 Credenciamento – Público Externo
14:00 15:30 Oracle Apex 18 – New Features – Guilherme Solon da Costa – BEG
15:30 16:00 Break
16:00 17:30 Oracle Database Migration and Consolidation Techniques – Matheus Boesing
17:30 17:45 Encerramento


See you there!

GUOB Tech Day 2017 Review!

Hi all!

This year I had again the privilege to be in GUOB 2017 as a Speaker. Check below the excellent folks there (all speakers):


As this is a pretty quick post, I can only say thank you for all reception I had by organization and colleges. I’m not giving a detailed feedback on each session but I regret nothing on this year, all choices were excellent! 😀

# Sessions I attended:

– Upgrade to Oracle Database 12.2 – Live and Uncensored (Mike Dietrich)
– DevOps for DBAs (Bjoern Rost)
– Database Security com TRansparent Data Encryption (Adriano Bonacin)
– Moving your Oracle Databases to Oracle Cloud (Alex Zaballa)
– Implantação de BI Cloud Service (Carina Mendes)
– Oracle Database Backup Service: Backup de Banco de Dados On-Premise para Cloud (Matheus Boesing)
– Extraindo o Máximo do Oracle Grid Infraestructure (Franky Weber Faust)
– How to Diagnose Ramdom Oracle Cloud Performance Incidents Using ASH (Craig Shallahamer)

An that’s it! See you next year!


1º GUORS Meeting 2016!

Hi all!
Next 06/07 we will be in 1º Oracle Technology Users Meeting of 2016 by GUORS!
GUORS (Grupo de Usuários Oracle do Rio Grande do Sul) is the Brazilian ‘Rio Grande do Sul’ province Oracle Users Group.

It’s in the schedule:
Oracle 12c: Best Practices for Highly Available Oracle Databases by Carlos Pimentel/Dell
Oracle Database 12c: Novas Características (New Characteristics) by Everton Dias/Oracle
Casos Práticos em Performance Tuning  (Performance Tuning Practical Cases)  by Gustavo Braga/Dell

The event will be at Porto Alegre/RS, PUCRS/FACIN – Building 32/Room 516 and will take the afternoon (13:30 to 17:30) with presentations and networking time, as usual.

Click in the image below to more info and confirm your presence!

GUORS_EVENT(Click here to more info about the event)

See you there!


Hi all,
Last 12’th occoured in Porto Alegre-RS/Brazil the GUORS (Grupo de Usuários de Tecnologia Oracle Rio Grande do Sul – Local Oracle Technology Users Group) annual meeting.

The event counts with the follow speeches (and my personal opinion):

1. Oracle 12c New features by  Alex Zaballa – Oracle ACE Director:
A quick view of 12c new features (again). It was a good presentation, limited, however, by the short time to explore all possibilities… Particularly, I’m full of “new features” speeches of a product realeased more than 2 years ago, but Alex fortunatey bring some (fresh) news about 12.2 and his expectations about it. Considering his experience, it was a good time.

Alex share his slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/alex_zaballa
I’d like to share my basis link about new features (as you can expect, it’s on Oracle Base): https://oracle-base.com/articles/12c/articles-12c

2. SQL Tuning e Melhores Práticas (SQL Tuning Best Practices) by Gustavo Braga – DELL
A good and atractive speech by Gustavo about his experiences with SQL Tuning. It wasn’t a “database view” oriented speech, much more thinking about the Dev way. Gustavo shared his great experience with some tools he use by working in a quality-oriented company and some of his personal practices. It was a good reflection, always pertinent to the DBA daily challanges.

3. Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture by Carlos Pimentel – DELL
Much more about 11g new features considering the evolution to 12c about OMAA. Carlos pointed the relevance of services, scan_listener and the different uses you can make to an Active Dataguard. It can sound overdid, but we know, most of the legacy systems and small to medium companies are not compliance yet to this patterns. Carlos is an experienced DBA and his experiences improve the subjects of his speech.

 4. Oracle 12c – Data Redaction by Alex Zaballa – Oracle ACE Director
Another 12c speech of Alex Zaballa, this time about Oracle Data Redaction, a “security-oriented” new feature. Alex showed (hands on) how to configure and use the feature, however also showed how to “kludge/bypass” the masking with a simple SQL if the user has access to SQL (discovered by David Litchfield and published http://www.davidlitchfield.com/Oracle_Data_Redaction_is_Broken.pdf). So, it was nice to know that the features exists, but a little bit unusable, right?

Alex share his slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/alex_zaballa

IMG-20151112-WA0005.jpgPorto Alegre GUORS Meeting – November 12, 2015

So, it was a nice afternoon to share/learn some stuffs and to find frieds. We expect the community remains active and we’re here to help on it! 🙂

Have a nice day!